Bee Busy Wellness Center Dedication

February 3, 2014

The new 87,000-square-foot Bee Busy Wellness Center at the corner of South Gessner and West Bellfort was dedicated Thursday, Jan. 30, 2014. Medical, dental and mental health services will be offered to patients regardless of their insurance or ability to pay, said CEO Norman Mitchell.


Left to Right: Board member Willita Payne; Board Chair Robin Hines, CEO Norman Mitchell; Donald Perkins of Houston City Councilman Larry Green’s office; Darcy Padgett; and Anne Whitlock of the Harris County Healthcare Alliance.



Norman Hines, CEO of the Bee Busy Wellness Center, practices his hammer swing before tackling the demolition of the walls at the clinic’s new 87,000-sq-ft space on Gessner at West Bellfort.

Bee Busy is a non profit organization who’s mission to build a strong healthy community by enhancing the quality of life for the vulnerable population throughout Houston’s at-risk communities. To learn more about Bee Busy Wellness Center, please visit

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