Northfield I & II Protected By Minimum Lot Size Area Ordinance

October 18, 2016

Earlier this summer, the Northfield I & II neighborhood was approved by City Council to establish a special minimum lot size area (MLSA) ordinance pursuant to Chapter 42 (City of Houston land development ordinance).

The Northfield I & II MLSA application submittal resulted in the Planning and Development Dept. and the Houston Planning Commission recommendation that City Council adopt an ordinance establishing a MLSA of 7,870 square feet for the 372 residential lots.

“The Northfield I & II HOA has worked extremely hard with their MLSA application to meet their minimum 55% threshold for approval,” states Council Member Green. “We still have a few more District K neighborhoods that need to apply for this special development tool in order to preserve the traditional character of their residential community.”

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