Economic Development

The District identifies types of businesses for which there are real opportunities and needs within the area and works with commercial real estate investors, developers and brokers to bring attractive new development to fulfill those needs. Additional benefits are the creation of jobs and additional spending power that help support existing businesses and residential property values in the District. Business recruitment and retention efforts emphasize the District’s positive attributes of: Southwest Houston location inside Beltway 8, proximity to Texas Medical Center, good street and public transit network, and excellent single-family subdivisions, schools, churches and parks. The latest GIS maps and population and demographic information are utilized to make a convincing case for development of attractive new projects.

To assist in these efforts, the District employs the latest marketing tools including a continuously updated and appealing website, a Facebook page and Twitter feeds. District staff also make themselves available for presentations to business and neighborhood organizations throughout Southwest Houston. The business and economic development committee meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 9am – 10103 Fondren, Suite 300.

Education & Workforce

Recognizing the critical importance of an educated and skilled workforce, the District works with community partners to address the educational needs of the community. As partners, we work to advocate for high quality vocational training at area high schools and for replacement of public schools that have major structural problems. In addition, the District works with local agencies to improve high school and college graduation rates within the District and encourage community colleges to offer dual college credit for both vocational training and academic subjects. The District’s funding of after-school buses for students wishing to attend after-school enrichment activities is an important part of this process. The District is currently working with Houston Community College to provide our community with a new campus.


Support and promote economic growth by creating and reinforcing positive perceptions of the District as an outstanding place in which to live, work, learn, shop, visit, build and invest.


  1. Implement a public relations and image campaign that will improve public perception and increase public awareness of the District.
  2. Boost business opportunities by identifying specific areas of involvement with the Greater Houston Partnership, local chambers of commerce, and other business and civic organizations.
  3. Sponsor research for District marketing materials to meet the needs of current and prospective property owners and tenants, employers, brokers, meeting planners, and the general public.
  4. Provide public relations and marketing support for the District’s mobility and transportation, environmental and urban design, and public safety efforts.
  5. Create and reinforce positive perception by encouraging new development and redevelopment as well as improving maintenance of existing properties.
  6. Establish set of preferred development standards, with an emphasis on long-term profitability and consider incentives for companies willing to relocate and develop along those criteria.
  7. Create a District web site and regular newsletter to be made available to employees, employers, nearby residents, and the general public
  8. Establish the District as a clearinghouse of information, including upcoming events, press clippings, demographics, and brochures about the area.
  9. Monitor and encourage business retention and expansion within the area.
  10. Encourage appropriate and appealing industrial activity that will ultimately be reflected in increased value and longer term profitability.
  11. Encourage commercial retail chains or shopping destinations.
  12. Maintain and expand quality industrial and distribution sites.