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Changes are coming to the local bus route system on Aug. 16

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METRO - New Bus Network - Info Card.20JJUL.15

Take the new network out for a test drive – ride free August 16-22.

Transportation, Technology, and Infrastructure Council Committee Meeting, May 14

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citysealBelow is the Transportation, Technology, and Infrastructure (TTI) Council Committee agenda – scheduled for Thursday May 14, 2015 at 10:00 a.m., City Hall Council Chambers (901 Bagby St., 2nd Floor).


  1. Welcome Remarks – Council Member Larry V. Green, Chair
  2. Municipal Setting Designation — J.Whalen, Inc. (8730 Meldrum Lane)
    • Jennifer Clancey, Program Manager, Planning and Development Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  3. Chapter 6, 10 & 12 – Infrastructure Design Manual Update
    • Mark Loethen, Deputy Director, Planning & Development Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  4. Bio-Solids Management Plan
    • Jun Chang, Deputy Director, Public Utilities Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
    • Dan Menendez, Deputy Director, Engineering & Construction Division, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  5. Public Works & Engineering Dept. Communications Efforts
    • Dale Rudick, Director, Public Works & Engineering Dept.
  6. Public Comments

Please contact Donald Perkins at 832.393.3016 if you have any comments to questions.

METRO’s New Bus Network is Coming Soon

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More Service, Better Service, Your Service

METRO is excited about its “NEW BUS NETWORK” starting August 2015. Check out some of the service improvements we are looking forward to providing to our customers.

See METRO’s New Bus Network in action with METRO’s interactive map.








West Airport Blvd. Rehabilitation Project

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Since coming in office, the Brays Oaks community has continually sounded off about the condition of West Airport Blvd. – particularly between Fondren Rd. and South Gessner. Every year, Council Member Green would press the Public Works and Engineering Dept. (PWE) to consider this roadway as a high priority project.

The PWE Dept. has commenced with the rehabilitation of West Airport Blvd. between Fondren Rd. and South Gessner Rd. Prior to the start of this infrastructure project, Council Member Green hosted an informational meeting at the South Gessner HPD Substation whereas representatives from the adjacent residential communities impacted by this project were invited to engage the PWE project manager as well as the project contractor to ask questions about the project.

“The District K office will continue to monitor the progress of this 6 ½ month project,” states Council Member Green. For more information about this West Airport Blvd. rehabilitation project, click the link to access the FAQs:

Save the Date: West Airport Blvd. Rehabilitation Project

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citysealCouncil Member Larry V. Green, District K

Invites you to a West Airport Blvd. Rehabilitation Informational Meeting

Tuesday, April 14, 2015
7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
South Gessner HPD Substation
8605 Westplace Dr. (@ South Gessner Rd.)
Houston, TX 77071

The City of Houston is scheduled to rehabilitate West Airport Blvd. from Fondren Rd. to South Gessner Rd. The construction start date is scheduled for April 20, 2015 with extensive concrete panel repair.

This informational meeting will be facilitated by City of Houston PWE representatives. Attend this meeting to find out the project scope and how this construction project will minimize the traffic control along West Airport Blvd. and the streets that feed onto West Airport Blvd.

Please contact the District K office if you have any questions at 832-393-3016 or

METRO’s new bus network is coming soon

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METRO's New Bus Network - Coming Soon EBLAST

METRO’s bus service has been “reimagined” – what does this mean for their customers?
More information at

Keeping the District Clean & Green

December 7, 2011 • Brays Oaks Management District • Continue Reading »

The District is very active in removing the visual blight caused by graffiti. Graffiti abated by the District is color matched and chronicled for HPD investigations. To date the District has abated over 1,300 individual inci- dents of graffiti. Continue Reading »