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To improve both personal and financial security within the District by creating and maintaining a safe environment in both perception and reality with focused public safety programs.

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Security is more than maintaining an area free of crime, although that is a significant component. It also means the ability to invest comfortably. Whether the issue is personal or financial security, the level of comfort plays a direct role in the sense of an area’s quality of life. The District focuses on improving communication and cooperation with property owners, tenants, and public safety departments in an effort to maintain and enhance the District’s level of public safety. This provides an improved sense of personal security and ensures that the residential and business areas grow and become more vibrant places for employers, employees, and residents alike.

Programs Include:

Mobile Surveillance Cameras
HPD Partnerships
Crime Mapping /Analytics
Harris County Attorney Community Protection Program
Apartment Life Committee Meetings
Neighborhood Cleanups / 3-1-1 Issue Policing
Graffiti Abatement / Light Surveys

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Crime Mapping Websites

HPD has provided the public with access to two crime mapping website links:

Public Safety News

Shoplifting and violent crimes

“Trend Down in BOMD”

Comparing statistics on a month-by-month basis, the number of burglaries of motor vehicles (BMVs) decreased by 26% between March and April of this year. Of the 69 BMVs in April, nearly half (30) occurred in apartment complexes, while 22 were in business parking lots and the other 17 were in single-family residential neighborhoods. The area around the Southwest Freeway and Bellfort had the most reported BMVs.

Year-to-year comparisons for the first four months showed a 10% increase in auto thefts and a 36% increase in robberies, even though there was a 6% decrease in the latter from March to April 2012. Apartment parking lots and public streets in the South Meadow area (S. Gessner and W. Bellfort) and the Raydell area (S. Braeswood and Sapling Way) were the setting for the most reported robberies. Apartment complexes in the Raydell area were also the site of the most auto thefts.

The new Public Safety Committee, organized by the District and headed by board member Starla Turnbo, is partnering with the managers of apartment complexes to address this issue in the areas with the highest population density and greatest incidence of criminal offenses, Rodriguez said.

There is good news for residents and businesses of the Brays Oaks Management District (BOMD), according to new crime data released by analysts from the Houston Police Department.

For the first four months of 2012 (January to April), violent crimes in BOMD decreased by 2% compared to 2011, with 21 fewer incidents. The number of simple assaults year-to-year also dropped 11%. The best news for local businesses is that shoplifting incidents fell by 28% compared to the previous year. However, overall, other nonviolent crimes increased by 9%.

While the number of arsons increased from two to three incidents, representing a 50% increase, it is more accurate to say that the most dramatic jump in non-violent crimes occurred in the category of home burglaries. These increased from 250 to 318 for the same period year-to- year, representing a 27% increase. In the month of April alone, 52 of the 82 reported burglaries occurred in apartments and condominium complexes. The majority of burglaries perpetrated in single-family homes during April occurred primarily in the Westbury subdivision, according to the report.

“These monthly crime analysis reports will show us exactly where certain crimes are trending, down to the days of the week and times of day. This will allow us to target our resources––such as mobile surveillance cameras––more effectively to prevent these crimes from happening.”
— Richard Rodriguez, Director of Services for the District

Reserve at Creekbend earns HPD’s Blue Star Certification

Getting a Blue Star means a safer living environment for residents of the reserve at Creekbend.

The apartment complex has attained Blue Star certification awarded by the Houston Police Department’s Apartment Enforcement Unit. The Blue Star Program is a partnership between law enforcement, apartment owners/managers, and residents to reduce crime and improve the quality of life in multi-family communities.

The Reserve at Creekbend is the first property in the Brays Oaks area to achieve this designation, police said in a press release prior to a June 28 safety event for residents. The safety event was the last of three phases in the certification process.

In order to become certified, properties and their managers must complete day-long training, meet minimum Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) requirements, and conduct a resident safety training. During the CPTED survey, officers assess such things as lighting, perimeter fencing, landscaping, on-site security crime prevention efforts, and tenant screening procedures. The management of the complex at 7600 Creekbend has been working toward this goal for the past six years.

Richard Rodriguez, Brays Oaks Management District, says he is working developing a workshop for apartment owner and managers, with instruction by other owners who have turned their properties around using CPTED methods and limited resources. The workshop will cover budgets and other internal mechanisms to help owners improve their operations for a successful complex.


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