Video of the Willow Waterhole Music Fest 2016

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BOMD_Willow_Waterhole_Music_Fest_2016 from ICStudios on Vimeo.

Raindrop Youth Development Center & Embrace Relief

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Willow Waterhole 2014 MusicFest

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The April 12 Willow Waterhole 2014 MusicFest was a terrific event.

Weather was in the high seventies, overcast, and humid.

Attendance exceeded 1,300 people, up approximately 30% from 2013.

Concession sales doubled from last year!

Student musicians were excited to play at the same venue as the pros and all seven professional groups remarked how impressed they were with the event’s organization and energy. All the performers appreciated their complimentary commemorative t-shirts.

VIPS included CM David Robinson, State Rep. Borris Miles, and HISD Dist. Trustee Wanda Adams.

Also making an appearance were representatives from CM Larry Green’s office and Congressman Al Green’s office.

Attendees felt good about the diversity, skill, and sound quality of the music.

Overall, it was an awesome event, see you in 2015!

View photos from the Festival:

BOMD 2013 Annual Friendship Dinner with Government officials at Turkish House

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Brays Oaks District Services Video

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15th Annual WESTBURY Scholarship Gala 2013

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BOMD Willow Waterhole Jazz Fest 2013 Video

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Turkish Olympiad

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Cuddles for Kids

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Every year PPL Motorhomes, the Houston Police Department and P.A.C.T (Police and Clergy Team) team up to collect as many teddy bears as we can.

These bears will be carried by police officers in their cruisers to be given to children who are caught in the crossfire of a domestic dispute or other crime. The bears have proven to be an amazing tool for helping children cope with undoubtedly traumatizing experiences


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MOCAH Mural for ECHOS with the students of YES Prep Brays Oaks