Now in its seventh year of service to the Brays Oaks community, the District and its board of directors is proud of the many accomplishments it has made that contribute to a robust business environment and the quality of life. I would like point out two very specific ways we have made significant headway in the past seven years.

First, our Business and Economic Development Committee has been actively working to implement programs to stimulate investment and job creation in the district. We know that the growth of both new and existing businesses has the effect of generating positive interest in an area and attracting even more development.

Second, we are committed to promoting quality of life within Brays Oaks through the development of new green space and the preservation and maintenance of what we already have.

Recent studies have shown that the proximity of quality public green space has a positive impact on home values. Preserving the “green” aspect of the District is the focus of the Environmental and Urban Design Committee, composed of board members, business owners and community stakeholders.

Green is the color of both a healthy environment and economic prosperity––two of the many goals the Brays Oaks Management District pursues on behalf of the residents and businesses in the area. As always, your involvement in the process is welcomed and encouraged, and the board of directors is eager to hear your input.

Etan Mirwis
Brays Oaks Management District Board of Directors


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