From the President’s Desk
by Vincent Sanders

Greeting Neighbors,

Breaking news from this month’s board meeting, NORTHFIELD I & II Board of Director’s has decided to raise assessments by $150.00…..Belated April Fools!!!!! Although I’m joking on this matter, we still have about 25 neighbors who have not contacted any board member or our attorney. Therefore, demand letters have been mailed and now these neighbors are subject to subject to pay an additional $80.00-$150.00 in fines and that’s no April Fools. C’mon my neighbors, we are all in this together, for those who have not paid, handle your business.

Now speaking of business, a neighborhood subdivision is a lot like running a business. You have home-steads, clubhouse, and greenways as the raw materials/physical input. The talents are the homeowners who work at the business to maintain upkeep and protect the input materials. And yes, there are rules and regulations that we must all follow—that’s in the form of deed restrictions. You as business owners have products and services at your disposal such as: having a private swimming pool and clubhouse, beautiful greenways, mosquito control spraying and private security in the form of Constable Precinct 7. Northfield I & II is ran by a Board of Directors whose is responsible for coordinating the resources of the subdivision to produce a viable, thriving and safe neighborhood that can complete for potential buyers from any subdivision in the city of Houston. The bottom line of any business is a higher rate of return and an increase in stockholder’s equity. (in other words, higher property values).

Now regarding those rules that we so lovingly call DEED RESTRICTIONS, I would like to thank those of you who have removed inoperable vehicles and are cleaning up your surroundings. Because of the record draught of 2011, now it’s time to focus on lawn maintenance. It is also time to remove fungus off of brick and siding and take down and fix those old gutters that need repairing. I have said this before but if you receive a deed restriction letter, don’t take it personally just find a way to migrate the problem. It’s all about enhancing the Neighborhood thereby paying dividends back to YOU by having increased home values. It’s as simple as that….For those neighbors that have FOR SALE signs posted nearby and you are hoping for a good neighbor; remember we are in competition with other subdivisions to get the best potential buyer who will make a POSITIVE impact into our neighborhood. Therefore, let’s show our potential new neighborhoods how much pride we have in our neighborhood. NORHTFIELD I & II, take care of your business.

Protect your investment by keeping your property safe. Remember to use the Citizen Complaint form which is included in this month’s newsletter if you see anything out of the ordinary in the subdivision. You can turn these forms into Houston Police Storefront located at 7576 W. Bellfort or you can fax the form to (713) 981-7012. It was discussed in our April board meeting that we are still having a few cars being burglarized in the subdivision. As neighbors you play a vital role in the security of Northfield I & II. Remember our slogan for safety, “If you see something say something”.

Finally, I close this month by saying that spring is in the air, baseball has started. It’s Time for a
renewal and you’re invited to contribute articles, comments and any news to your newsletter. We want to hear from you. There are so many things happening around our homes, our neighborhood and commu-nity that our newsletter tries to keep up with all of the news that you need to know. If there’s anything that you like to share, please drop me an email: I hope you are having a wonderful month and ALWAYS TAKE PRIDE AND INVEST IN NORTHFIELD I & II…..

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