Press Release:

In addition to one-on-one legal consultations currently provided by India House Legal Clinic, India House will begin providing legal seminars and consultation services in the areas of immigration and family law. Our current goal is to educate and help persons in our community in need for legal services in much needed areas of immigration law, family law and certain criminal law matters, including helping persons to obtain permanent residency and citizenship through proper legal channels.

These seminars and consultations will be conducted under the leadership of Mrs. Uma Mantravadi, India House Legal Clinic Coordinator, Mr. Susham Modi, an immigration attorney and a team of other volunteer attorneys. These seminars and consultation services are FREE.

India House’s Legal Seminar schedule for 2012

Family & Immigration Law – July 21, 2012

Asylum Refugee Law – August 18, 2012

Crime Victim Cases – September 15, 2012

H1 VISA Issues – October 20, 2012

Student VISA and CPT/OPT – November 17, 2012

Each seminar will consist of presentations by local attorneys with Q&A session.

Location: India House, 8888 West Bellfort Ave., Houston, Texas 77031

For more information, you can reach us at or 713-929-1905.

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