The District is very active in removing the visual blight caused by graffiti. Graffiti abated by the District is color matched and chronicled for HPD investigations. To date the District has abated over 1,300 individual incidents of graffiti. We are grateful to our community partners and residents who actively assist us in reporting incidents. We are also working closely with our graffiti abatement contractor and HPD to identify and prosecute the individuals responsible for graffiti in our District.

We encourage all residents and businesses to join the in the effort to help us eradicate graffiti from the District by reporting to 3-1-1 or by reporting incidences via the “Report a Problem” button on the home page.

The District also provides funding for street light surveys which are performed bi-monthly with outages reported to CenterPoint Energy for repair.

CM Green Teams With Trees for Houston

On Sept 11th, in conjunction with Council Member Larry Green’s office – Trees for Houston will donate trees to replace all dead trees currently residing in the Esplanades throughout the District. The District’s Landscaping crews are currently annotating and removing any dead trees from the area esplanades for replacement on Sept 11th. A special THANK YOU goes out to Council Member Green for arranging the donation of trees for the Brays Oaks District.

Litter Abatement

Did you know that the District recently hired a contractor who is solely dedicated to the District to handle: litter abatement, bandit sign removal, return of shopping carts to stores, and mowing of the under maintained public right-of-way.