By Katharine Shilcutt, Houstonia

The best way to reach a community? Move in.

“WE WANT THIS TO BE A CHURCH FOR ALL PEOPLE,” declares Rev. Hannah Terry, clad in a minister’s collar and shiny, black high-top tennis shoes, as she opens the service at Westbury United Methodist Church on a recent Sunday morning. “Because we believe there is enough love to go around.”

It’s a simple declaration of purpose, something that could have been said at any one of the thousands of churches in Houston holding their own simultaneous services. But here, it’s actually true. There’s no distinguishable majority or minority in the crowd—young, old, singles, families, black, white, South Asian, Southeast Asian, men in dashiki shirts, women in skinny jeans—all listening together. Later in the day, services will be held in Spanish; on occasion, they’re also offered in Swahili.

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