– Jeff D Herman

On February 28th, 2017 HPD Officer Ronny Cortez ran towards the danger. In the act of protecting his community, his very own neighborhood in the Brays Oaks area of southwest Houston, Ronny Cortez confronted an armed assailant. He was shot multiple times while attempting to apprehend the armed burglar. Shockingly, as he was in his very own neighborhood, his wife Sheri was present at the time of the shooting. This was an unimaginable tragedy for the entire Cortez family. Ronny was taken by EMT’s from the scene with several bullets in his body. He was not expected to live. However, even with a bullet lodged in his spine, miraculously, he did survive.

His recovery was always going to be a mountain of a challenge, and sadly in April 2017, his recovery was further complicated by a stroke. The stroke robbed Ronny of his vision, and right sided dexterity. A steep recovery challenge had become an Everest-like challenge.
Since last February there have been multiple surgeries, endless physical therapy, and adapting to a new and forever changed life. Unfathomable challenges.

I spoke with Ronny’s wife Sheri recently. She is a board member for the Brays Oaks Management District, and I asked Sheri, how they were doing. She did not hesitate in her emphatic reply: “Blessed. We are blessed.” She said this with such conviction that it would make you inhale to catch your breath. Ronny’s challenge of recovery is accompanied by Sheri’s challenge of adapting to a new life they never expected, but both have embraced their new life with a determination and enthusiasm that makes you marvel at her and Ronny’s fortitude, grace, and will power.

Ronny’s recovery path will be a process of years and expensive medical treatments. They are hoping to continue Ronny’s road to recovery with stem cell therapy. This experimental treatment has shown great promise in helping people with paralysis regain some range of motion. Ronny is under the care of Dr. Stanley Jones, the same doctor that helped Earl Campbell walk with greater ease. The cost of stem cell treatments is about 25,000.00 dollars each time and it is not covered by insurance. Ronny and Sheri are trying to raise additional resources to help pay for these important treatments. Sheri noted that Ronny had a dramatic increase in his range of motion following his first round of stem cell injections.

Officer Cortez served selflessly for 25 years in the wonderful and diverse community that is Houston, Texas. Helping and protecting his fellow citizens in Brays Oaks and the surrounding areas. If you can, please consider contributing to the Cortez family’s GoFundMe page and help them raise funds for another round of stem cell treatments. The Cortez family – Ronny and Sheri, are truly, genuinely heroes and we are blessed to have them as part of our community.

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