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Levitt Pavilion Houston
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Houston, TX 77035

Coming to Houston in 2021

About Levitt Pavilions

Levitt Pavilions is the only national network of outdoor music venues presenting free concert series. Levitt Pavilions harnesses the power of free, live music to rebuild American community life one city, and one concert, at a time. Each Levitt Venue Features:

  • 50+ free concerts annually
  • Welcoming, open lawn setting
  • Acclaimed, emerging talent to seasoned,
    award-winning artists
  • Rich spectrum of music genres: R&B, country, rock, Latin, jazz, children’s, World, and beyond
  • State-of-the-art sound and lighting
  • Easily accessible location
  • Family-friendly atmosphere

Currently, there are six Levitt venues across the country, each managed and programmed by a local Friends of Levitt Pavilion nonprofit organization. Together, Levitt’s national network presents 300+ free concerts each year featuring acclaimed talent in all music genres. More than half a million people experience the joy of Levitt annually


  • Arlington, TX
  • Bethlehem, PA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Memphis, TN
  • Pasadena, CA
  • Westport, CT

*Locations in development include Denver, Sioux Falls, and Houston.

The impact of the Levitt program goes beyond the free concerts. Levitt Pavilions demonstrates the power of creative placemaking—the integration of arts and culture into communities to spark economic growth, drive community engagement and enhance overall quality of life. Below are just some of the ways the Levitt program impacts communities:

  • Green spaces are reclaimed
  • Public spaces are activated
  • Local economies are given a boost
  • Communities are safer
  • Social and economic barriers are broken
  • Access to arts & culture are ensured

Levitt Pavilion Houston: Future Model

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Willow Waterhole’s unique environment is visible from South Post Oak, a point of easy access to its jewel, Levitt Pavilion Houston. 200 parking spaces provide for daily park use, accessible parking, and entry drives for shuttle buses. Sidewalks connect to neighborhood street parking. A marquee, concessions and restrooms frame the entry.

Using detention pond excavation, a bowl for performance is sculpted, creating a stage at waters edge and a hill to mute traffic noise. Periodic flooding requires raising the stage support function on columns. This creates a park pavilion that also provides cover for food trucks, buses, or company road trucks.

The canopy, a structural challenge, resists and sheds hurricane winds while covering the stage, amplifying sound and providing lighting. The second level is accessed by enclosed stairs and a secure ramp to a connecting catwalk that allows for rigging and the movable panels that provide flexible staging opportunities.

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