Westbury Christian School

Established in 1975, Westbury Christian School (WCS) is a unique private educational institution, offering working families the opportunity to provide their children with private education, taught from a biblical perspective. Enrollment figures at WCS parallel the current populace of Southwest Houston serving families representing all religious faiths, ethnicities, races and social-economic backgrounds, a fact we are proud of and actively work to maintain. WCS is a fully accredited college preparatory school serving grades K-3 through 12. Our mission stresses the equal application of academic, social, emotional and physical development, applying lessons in Christianity within each. The school is governed by a board of trustees, has IRS 501(c) (3) status, and is operated as a qualified Texas Nonprofit Corporation.

The new Wildcat Athletic Complex will allow for enhanced opportunities, strengthening not only our athletic programs, but all extra-curricular activities within each of our three dimensions.

To learn how you can help and to stay informed as new developments materialize, please visit http://www.beyondwcs.org.