Dear Fellow Houstonians,

This past Wednesday, City Council passed an amendment to Chapter 40 concerning the repair of residential sidewalks. In Houston, homeowners are required to repair and maintain sidewalks along their property. This new process provides homeowners a way to reduce costs and expedite homeowner funded repair or replacement. The amended ordinance will waive the permit fees and bond requirements for homeowners to remove and replace existing sidewalks abutting their single family residential properties.

Homeowners will submit their request to the Public Works & Engineering Department (PWE) website. PWE will then assess the site to see if construction is feasible and provide the cost estimate. The homeowner then submits payment to PWE upon approval of work order contract. PWE will monitor and approve the installation.

More information about the privately funded sidewalk repair program will be distributed via PWE, CitizensNet, and the Department of Neighborhoods in the coming weeks. As always, you can contact my office should you have any questions.

Kind Regards,