carpathonLast month, the first annual invasive species “Carpathon” tournament was held at the Willow Waterhole Greenspace to remove invasive species from the Brays Bayou watershed. Over 100 fishermen of all ages signed up to participate.

I want to thank Howard Sacks, Chairman of the Friends of Levitt Pavilion Houston, and Ralph Reiger, President of the Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conversancy, for co-sponsoring this First Annual Brays Bayou Invasive Fish Round-Up and Carp-a-Thon event,” states Council Member Green.

Invasive species are a growing ecological and economic threat in the Houston area, as they are nationwide. These are species that have been introduced from ecosystems from other states, countries, and continents and have established so effectively that they are altering our ecosystems and impacting native species, often negatively.

This event was conceived by a coalition of local and state governments, angling clubs and non-profit agencies who have become increasingly concerned about the impact invasive fish species are having in the Houston-area waterways. It is only through community involvement, knowledge, and action that we have a hope of reducing these invaders’ impacts and preventing future invasive species. This event, and the groups that contributed to it, are firsts of their kind in Texas. They are laying the path towards improving aquatic and wetland habitats for everyone in Houston. This event’s goal was to not only remove invasive species from our waters through the fishing tournament, but to also educate the community about the threat of invasive species and bring everyone together to help preserve the waters that make Houston the Bayou City.