Greetings District K Neighbors!

You are all cordially invited to a brief press conference on Tuesday, July 30th at 9:30am at Beulah Maxie Park in Almeda Plaza (2625 Monticello Dr. 77045) as we introduce our District K HOT Team and kick off our #CleanStateofMind Campaign.

Each month I am amazed at the amount of debris our 5 Corners Management District, Brays Oaks Management District, Solid Waste Department, Houston Parks and Rec Department and others are picking up along our major thoroughfares and throughout our neighborhoods. We have to address this serious issue and change the mindset of people living and driving through our community.

Our District K HOT Team has been in training for the last 3 weeks and are already making a big difference in some of our most notorious illegal dumping areas. It is my hope that residents will catch the “Clean Wave” and join our quest to make sure District K is a clean and safe community we can all be proud of.

Special thanks to our Chief of Staff, Janae Winfield and Director of Constituent Services-Field Operations, Melvin Hopkins for working with the Solid Waste Department to get our HOT Team up and running. See you Tuesday!

Council Member
Martha Castex-Tatum