HOUSTON — The Brays Oaks Management District in southwest Houston will kick off its Livable Centers Study — aimed at improving neighborhood walkability, transit options, environmental quality and economic development — with an in-person public workshop on Thursday, June 24, 2021, from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m at India House, 8888 W Bellfort Ave. 

All presentation materials and opportunities for public input will also be available online at https://www.braysoaksmd.org/accountability/brays-oaks-livable-centers-plan/ , which already includes a district map and project timeline.

Social distancing protocols will be observed during the event to protect against transmission of the COVID-19 coronavirus. 

Participants are asked to register online in advance at https://bomd.eventbrite.com/ to ensure adequate spacing and ample refreshments. 

Neighborhoods in the district include Westbury, Maplewood West, Southmeadow, Northfield, West Place, West Place Green, Braeburn Valley West, Glenshire, FonMeadow and Frontenac.

During the kick-off workshop participants will hear a presentation about housing, demographic, economic, and transportation conditions within the district and provide input about improvements that can help the community reach the goals of the Livable Centers program.

The Livable Centers program is managed by the Houston-Galveston Area Council and funded by the Texas Department of Transportation to support communities in developing livability improvements.

The Brays Oaks Livable Centers Study has the potential to build off recently completed planning efforts and infrastructure improvements to inspire renewed investments in under-utilized areas and quality public spaces in the dynamic, diverse area served by the management district,” said District Executive Director Ben Brewer.

For more information, contact:
Alan Bernstein
Director of Public Affairs and Communications
Hawes Hill and Associates LLP
[email protected]