Public Safety


To improve both personal and financial security within the District by creating and maintaining a safe environment in both perception and reality with focused public safety programs.

Security is more than maintaining an area free of crime, although that is a significant component. It also means the ability to invest comfortably. Whether the issue is personal or financial security, the level of comfort plays a direct role in the sense of an area’s quality of life. The District focuses on improving communication and cooperation with property owners, tenants, and public safety departments in an effort to maintain and enhance the District’s level of public safety. This provides an improved sense of personal security and ensures that the residential and business areas grow and become more vibrant places for employers, employees, and residents alike.

Programs Include:

  • Mobile Surveillance Cameras
  • HPD Partnerships
  • Crime Mapping /Analytics
  • Harris County Attorney Community Protection Program
  • Apartment Life Committee Meetings
  • Neighborhood Cleanups / 3-1-1 Issue Policing
  • Graffiti Abatement / Light Surveys

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Trespass Affidavits

Crime Prevention Manuals

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Crime Mapping Websites

HPD has provided the public with access to two crime mapping website links:

Looking back at 2018 and looking forward to 2019. “A great yesterday and an even better tomorrow” for the Brays Oaks Management District.

“Public Safety is a key driver for the members of the Brays Oaks Management District (BOMD) Board of Directors. Reducing crime and increasing safety for residents and area businesses brings tangible benefits to everyone, says the Chair of the BOMD Public Safety Committee, Starla Turnbo.”

2018 Highlights

In 2018 Turnbo and Brays Oaks community member Sheri Cortez (also a BOMD board member), were instrumental in raising funds and donations for (6) Automated Fingerprint Identification Systems (AFIS) units for the Houston Police Department – South Gessner Command Sub-Station. AFIS units can be carried in patrol cars and used on site for mobile fingerprinting. This improves local safety by quickly providing police with vital information. The Chief of Police Art Acevedo received the donation from Brays Oaks Management District at the Southwest substation, where he noted, “We are thankful for our partnership with the Brays Oaks Board of Directors and the Brays Oaks community who are so supportive of the Houston Police Department and our officers as they work every day to keep our community safe.”

In October, BOMD and other area Management Districts, including the International and Southwest Districts, participated in a joint Public Safety Summit to assess area concerns and plan effective strategies for community improvement. Key topics included: protecting area esplanades, The Meaningful Change Campaign, Crime Stoppers updates, and more. The summit provided area business leaders the opportunity to speak on the importance of safety and share ideas for improvement. Starla Turnbo of the Public Safety Board Committee noted one of this year’s highlights were the use of drones to survey apartment communities and surrounding areas to assist in crime prevention by a local security firm.

Also in October, the District held their Annual National Night Out (NNO) which was attended by over 800 community members. “NNO is a very important event in the Brays Oaks Community as it brings together the Officers who help keep our community safe with area residents so they can build a relationship. It’s critical to effective community policing to bring folks together to learn more about each other, stated Turnbo.”

Looking Forward in 2019

As the calendar year rolled over to 2019, BOMD was busy working with Commander Craig Bellamy on the initial Laser Shot Simulator Training for HPD officers. The simulator provides officers with active shooter training, improving the skill set of area officers, which subsequently increases the safety of area residents. Laser training will be ongoing through 2019 and beyond, bringing long term safety benefits.

The Houston Apartment Association, the largest in the nation, has named Starla Turnbo as president for 2019. Ms. Turnbo has been part of the Houston Apartment Association Board for more than 10 years, and her appointment will be a great asset to the area rental community.

The Association has also had continued success with “Rental Credit Reporting” (RCR) for apartment communities in Brays Oaks and surrounding districts. Rental Credit Reporting is a rental data program that gathers resident histories, background checks and other information to help create better communities in multi-family rental properties.

BOMD’s continued partnership with the Southwest Division of HPD were further enhanced with donated funds earmarked for purchasing high water rescue equipment. After Harvey, the Division received a new high-water rescue vehicle, but it came with no equipment for the crew who would operate the vehicle in emergency situations. The Brays Oaks District partnered with the Five Corners District to help purchase the necessary equipment to assist officers with rescues that may be needed as emergencies arise and the vehicle is deployed.

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