The meaning and history of the Brays Oaks Logo:

  • The oak tree represents strength.
  • The many tree branches symbolize all the community partners.
  • The deep tree roots represent the deep commitment to community and stability of community members living in the area for many, many years.
  • The water reflects the Brays Bayou flowing through the community and its distintive physical presence.
  • The yellow sun with its beaming rays reflects the community’s commitment to its revitalization.

The Brays Oaks Management District (BOMD), sometimes called an Improvement District, finances projects related to public transportation & mobility, community safety, beautification, parks and green space land management, economic development and related issues. The District provides a means by which the community can leverage local resources, public and private, to secure additional services and funding, gain political strength, and improve quality of life. By doing so, the District is able to provide a positive influence in shaping the future growth of the community for those who live, own property, work, and attend school within the District.

The District was created in 2005 by the Texas Legislature and expanded in 2011. The District is home to 2,700 households and more than 73,000 residents. Originally part of a ranch owned by oil tycoon Walter Fondren, Brays Oaks is one of Houston’s most vibrant communities with a mixture of families, culture and commercial businesses. The District covers approximately 15 sq. miles located in the Southwest area of Houston. The boundaries are from S. Post Oak on the east to US 59 on the west; Bissonnet is the northern boundary and US 90A/Main Street our southern edge. The District is entirely in Houston and Harris County, Texas.

BOMD provides programs and services in accordance with its published Service Plan. The District is funded through 10 cents per hundred-dollar property value assessment on commercial properties only. No residential property or exempt property is assessed. The Services are supplemental to those offered by the City of Houston, Harris County, and other units of government.

An 11-member, all volunteer, board of directors, consisting of area commercial and apartment property owners and civic leaders living in the District governs the BOMD. The members are appointed by the Houston City Council.