The majority of the District’s HISD public schools are exemplary or recognized. Of the 18 elementary and middle schools located within the District, four are exemplary and seven are recognized. The public high school serving the area, Sharpstown High School, is the only school with a recent academically unacceptable rating.

The District also has excellent private schools.

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Parks & Recreation

With the expansion of the District in 2011, new parks and greenspace were added to the parks inventory. From an original three parks (Glenshire, Marian, and Haviland) the district grew to a total of nine parks, including the Willow Waterhole a 279 acre facility located in the southeast corner of the newly expanded District. This expansion has added more than 300 acres to our parks and greenspace and with two more planned parks another 23 acres of greenspace will be added in 2011.

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Levitt Pavilion Houston at Willow Waterhole Conservation Reserve

Coming to Houston in 2021

Levitt Pavilions is the only national network of outdoor music venues presenting free concert series. Levitt Pavilions harnesses the power of free, live music to rebuild american community life one city, and one concert, at a time.

The impact of the Levitt program goes beyond the free concerts. Levitt Pavilions demonstrates the power of creative placemaking—the integration of arts and culture into communities to spark economic growth, drive community engagement and enhance overall quality of life.

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