Nestled in a quiet but convenient spot in Brays Oaks, Westmount at Braesridge Senior Living Apartments is a haven for the many elderly residents who reside there. With loads of activities for the residents age 55 and up, it has a large array of amenities to keep their residents happy and their retention rate high.

Located at 11100 Braesridge, built in 1980 and managed by Westmount Realty and Parawest Management, the complex recently won the prestigious Houston Apartment Association 2020 Senior Living Award. The complex was considered tops over 35 total nominations in the local Senior Living category.

Melissa Hooper, a manager of Parawest Management, said the complex, which was completely renovated in 2016, has 548 units and a 95 percent occupancy rate. It has an electric gate controlled for extra security and boasts several courtyards, two pools, and several gazebos.

“Seniors come to senior living for a quieter environment, and looking for social programs and a sense of community,” Hooper said. “We are very customer service oriented and pay extra attention to things that seniors want, such as valet trash service, and a full schedule of fun activities.”

All of the activities offered, including holiday celebrations with catered meals served, are at no extra cost. Activities include bingo, needlework classes, line dancing, a walking club, and a fitness class. They also help with transportation to local shopping.

A  recreation room holds dining tables for those who wish to eat communally and where the meals are served during holiday celebrations. 

“Management is very caring, and attuned to the seniors,” Hooper explained. “They make sure they stay in contact with (residents’) family members and pay attention to make sure that if someone needs care or medical help, they get it.”

Residents’ testimonials are very generous. Richard Boddy, who is 73 and has been living there since 1999, said he had worked the complex during his years with CenterPoint Energy, so it was on his radar when he decided to go with senior living.

“I saw how they maintained the place and the attention they gave to making it stay a nice place to live, and I said to myself, when it is my time, this is the place I want to be,” Boddy said. “It is a fun place to live, and I teach line dancing and DJ all of the celebrations” in pre-COVID times).

Eleanor Cockrell, 85, said there is always something for her to look forward to in an activity with the other residents. She gushed over the beautiful decorations the staff puts up during each holiday.

“They are always thinking of what they can do for us, and they have tremendous respect for all of us, treating us kindly and fixing things quickly,” Cockrell said.

The HAA is an organization of dues-paying members and the largest local apartment association in the country. It provides a variety of services to apartment management, including legislative advocacy, networking, and mediations.

Tina DeFiore, an HAA director, said the 14 judges for the award felt the management of Westmount at Braesridge went way above and beyond in the activities they offer. She mentioned ice cream soda socials, proms and field trips.

“We also look at curb appeal, retention rate, newsletters, community services,” she said. “We had a virtual celebration for this year’s awards.”


Westmount at Braesridge
1100 Braesridge