Raindrop Foundation complex shares its cultural richness with all

Along the 9300 block of West Bellfort, the Raindrop Turkish Center and the Istanbul Conference Center combine to provide a treasure to all Brays Oaks Management District residents and well beyond. While the curriculum for the private school on site includes lessons in the Turkish language, in the same building as a mosque and a [...]

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Entertaining & diversified future ahead for Willow Waterhole

Big plans are in the works for the former Shell research facility on the edge of the Willow Waterhole Greenway in the Brays Oaks Management District. The City of Houston bought the 28-acre site in October 2019 for building a detention basin for flood water. But thanks to closer study, the tract at 5822 Gasmer [...]

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Momma Cue cooks up deeds and burgers in “a dream come true”

Momma Cue In the modest but large Cue’s Burgers restaurant, Vincent Morrison sat at a place of honor at the “regulars’ table.”   A good-deed-doer himself, as an advocate for military veterans,  Morrison found it hard to describe just how special and generous the restaurant’s owner, “Momma Cue,” is. Instead he pointed to a nearby [...]

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An immigrant’s towering supermarket success story

George Nwanguma spends his days much like he has spent every work day for the last 40 years, towering above young Hispanic mothers, African grandmothers, working men and women and children as they search for items such as the best-shaped squash or niche ethnic snacks from their relatives' countries of origin. Nwanguma and customer [...]

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New South Gessner police commander emphasizes community interaction

Commander Adrian Rodriguez Officers and other staff at the Houston Police Department’s South Gessner Patrol Station recently welcomed their new commander, Adrian Rodriguez.  Coming from a family of law enforcement officers, his leadership philosophy is about being a true partner with the community.  South Gessner Patrol is composed of four beats that cover [...]

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Gift of up to $4 million makes Willow Waterhole Greenway sparkle even more

The  “hidden gem” of a nature, recreation and flood control greenspace in the Brays Oaks Management District is sparkling even more with a gift from the Kinder Foundation to fund trails, land acquisition and other improvements. Mayor Sylvester Turner announced that local philanthropists Rich and Nancy Kinder are donating $2 million to the Willow Waterhole Greenway’s Conservancy and pledging an [...]

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The “Rally Nuns” Astros fans of Brays Oaks leverage their new fame for good

The Dominican Sisters of Mary Immaculate Province aren’t quite used to all the attention they are getting from Astros fans and the news media. But now that they’re known as Rally Nuns, they are accepting their time in the spotlight with grateful hearts and speaking modestly only of the many good things that have come [...]

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Willow Waterhole Greenway booms as host for cross country track events

It started with Westbury High School’s track and field team wanting to practice cross country running in a safe place. Now the Willow Waterhole Greenway is a premier site for southwest Houston’s many school cross country teams and invitational meets, boasting several beautiful courses.  Willow Waterhole Greenway Conservancy President Bill Burhans calls this Houston’s “best [...]

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Salvadoran opens his dream restaurant after working in U.S. food industry for 30 years

It began as a dream and a wish for a humble immigrant to own a restaurant where he could serve up his native country’s specialty dishes in Houston. Carlos Sorto, who worked in the food and restaurant industry for 30 years in the U.S., visualized the dream for many years but deferred it for secure [...]

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Brays Oaks District seeks more feedback on Livable Centers Project

The Brays Oaks Management District is seeking public feedback on the final concepts that have been prepared and presented at the latest workshop for the Brays Oaks Management District’s Livable Centers Project.  The Livable Centers Project is being funded by the Houston-Galveston Area Council in partnership with the District and is designed to work with local [...]

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