Black Friday Deals: A bargain hunter’s paradise in the Brays Oaks District

Black Friday is every Friday in the Brays Oaks District. In fact, deals can be found six days a week at the store appropriately named Black Friday Deals, located at 9840 Fondren near S. Braeswood. What you may find and how much it costs, though, depends on which day you stop in. According to employees [...]

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Pedalisa Art Enters the Make-It-Yourself Crafts Market

There’s a new craft experience for residents who are so inclined in the Brays Oaks Management District and it was the brainchild of owners Ahnet and Eda Yarim. Currently located at the Turkish Community Center, 9301 W Bellfort, it was Eda’s idea to use mosaic glass tiles to create art projects. The outcome of this [...]

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Teotihuacan Mexican Café Celebrates 20 Years in Brays Oaks Location

Let’s start by getting this out of the way: Teotihuacan is pronounced TEE-O-TEE-WA-CAN. The Mexican café has been a staple in the Brays Oaks area at their 6579 W Bellfort location for 20 years. Its popularity is due to the consistency of quality in their Mexican or Tex-Mex comfort food. It has received Zagat ratings, [...]

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Creative couple is building a neighborhood distillery

Lori and Jeromy Murphy are architects. Their creativity goes well beyond designing buildings, too. After meeting as students at Texas Tech University, they created a life together, complete with two beautiful daughters. When the Meyerland home they had just renovated for themselves was damaged by a flood, they tore it down and created a new [...]

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Westbury High will dazzle with its 1st Art Car Parade entry

Victoria Tarkington flanked by student artists Westbury art teacher Victoria Tarkington always wanted her students to have the experience of creating and parading an art car in the annual Houston Art Car Parade. While teaching in Fort Bend County, she knew that some schools had created art cars. But she never obtained a [...]

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Eid al-Fitr celebrations abound in southwest Houston

Across southwest Houston, celebrations such as Bollywood performances, bazaars and poetry competitions are planned for early April as Muslims celebrate Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Though many Muslims choose to enjoy private parties at home, complete with food, family and friends, mosques and community groups across the Bayou [...]

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Health care, recreation, civic life will merge along Keegans Bayou

Wildlfowers on the bayou When District J Houston Council Member Edward Pollard informed his constituents that Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital was willing to be a partner in community wellness and nature programs, Sharon Young, charter member of Friends of Keegans Bayou, jumped at the opportunity to engage. Young contacted Memorial Hermann and now [...]

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HPD’s local patrol commander emphasizes bond with public

Since October, Houston Police Department Commander Daryn Edwards has overseen the department’s Southwest Command, which includes territory from south of the Beltway near Missouri City through Loop 610 West to NRG Stadium. It’s one of HPD’s largest patrol areas. We spoke with Commander Edwards about his wealth of law enforcement experience, the challenges faced by [...]

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New kosher restaurant: Tantalizing food with motherly love

After so many of her catering customers raved about her kosher home-cooked-style food and encouraged her to bring it to a wider audience, Meital Betesh took their advice and opened a storefront restaurant in January at 9806 Hillcroft. Working the past two and a half years as a sought-out kosher caterer, whose specialty was Friday [...]

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Mikki’s Café soul food comes in delicious heaping portions

It’s easy to see why people flock to Mikki’s Soul Food Café, where there is a long, winding line at most times as customers wait patiently for their food served in cafeteria style. The food is plentiful, fresh, and in home-cooked style, bringing comfort and family dinner memories to the masses. As their in-store sign [...]

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