On Fondren: The Texas regional headquarters of a Jewish movement

Among Orthodox members of the Jewish religion is a branch called the Chabad Lubavitch movement, whose goal is to engage Jews of any affiliation and provide humanitarian and spiritual aid where needed.                                           Rabbi Shimon Lazaroff and Chiena Lazaroff Chabad (roughly pronounced Ha-BOD) is an acronym from the Hebrew words for wisdom, understanding, and [...]

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Chainsaw + imagination = art installation at Willow Waterhole

It takes an artist with incredible dexterity and vision to make art sculptures from a block of wood using a chainsaw as his main sculpting tool. Jimmy Phillips discovered that he had these talents later in life, and is now making a career out of it. Most recently he created seven of his beautiful wood [...]

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Westmount at Braesridge wins prestigious Houston Apartment Association 2020 Senior Living Award

Nestled in a quiet but convenient spot in Brays Oaks, Westmount at Braesridge Senior Living Apartments is a haven for the many elderly residents who reside there. With loads of activities for the residents age 55 and up, it has a large array of amenities to keep their residents happy and their retention rate high. [...]

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Founded in the 1850s, the Freedom Colony of Riceville lives on

It happens fairly often as you wander the backroads of Houston -- you’ll be driving along through more or less typical 1970s-style suburban development when all of a sudden you’ll find yourself in a cluster of much older housing, from the 1940s, say, or even older. Then you might see an older church, and if [...]

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Get transported overseas at Taste of Tel Aviv

It has been known as My Pita, Kosher Bite and now Taste of Tel Aviv. But one thing remains constant — the Brays Oaks District has the “real deal” when it comes to Israeli-Mediterranean food.  Customer reviews are pretty consistent, with lots of raves about the family-friendly bakery and deli, now owned by Gabi Algrably, [...]

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New Life Flight service for police dogs is rooted in Brays Oaks

Two Braeburn West residents and a Westbury animal hospital are playing vital roles in an innovative program to save the lives of the brave and loyal dogs who help save ours. Under the auspices of Memorial Hermann Hospital, Life Flight air ambulance services will soon be available to police pooches through the new K9 Casualty [...]

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Inside the ornate temple of a young religion from Vietnam

Just before noon, the Rev. John Tran smoothed his long, flowing white tunic and started the Sunday service in the Cao Dai temple a block north of West Bellfort Avenue. For 45 minutes, he led the congregation in prayers, mostly on his 58-year-old knees. “The wafting scent of heaven stirs my mind. To the superior [...]

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Plant It Forward Farms, a veggie drawer staple, now hits your cupboard

Plant It Forward Farms, based in the Brays Oaks District, has long been known for its weekly boxes of fresh, local produce through its Farm Share program, which you can pick up at a number of locations around the city.  In October, the nonprofit began offering a new way to connect a diverse group of [...]

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HPD Westside Explorers learn service, character and maybe a career path

William Rivas recalled his first meeting with members of the Westside Explorer Program five years ago.  Looking around the room, the then-14-year-old Elsik High School student nervously noticed guys who were four or five years older, taller, seemingly so self-assured, and the room swelled with their camaraderie. The young men now have all aged out [...]

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D’s Cajun Eats

The “Cajun” in D’s Cajun Eats & Barbecue is something of a misnomer, one many restaurants with origins in Louisiana have adopted for the sake of convenience when they open up out of state. In truth this is a New Orleans Creole / soul food combo with emphases on barbecue and some of the best [...]

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