Plant It Forward Farms, a veggie drawer staple, now hits your cupboard

Plant It Forward Farms, based in the Brays Oaks District, has long been known for its weekly boxes of fresh, local produce through its Farm Share program, which you can pick up at a number of locations around the city.  In October, the nonprofit began offering a new way to connect a diverse group of [...]

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HPD Westside Explorers learn service, character and maybe a career path

William Rivas recalled his first meeting with members of the Westside Explorer Program five years ago.  Looking around the room, the then-14-year-old Elsik High School student nervously noticed guys who were four or five years older, taller, seemingly so self-assured, and the room swelled with their camaraderie. The young men now have all aged out [...]

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D’s Cajun Eats

The “Cajun” in D’s Cajun Eats & Barbecue is something of a misnomer, one many restaurants with origins in Louisiana have adopted for the sake of convenience when they open up out of state. In truth this is a New Orleans Creole / soul food combo with emphases on barbecue and some of the best [...]

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Sazón Garifuna

For those of you still wary of sit-down meals inside restaurants, Houston’s wildly diverse fleet of food trucks offers up pretty much every cuisine on the planet. Nowhere is that fact more apparent than at Sazón Garifuna in Brays Oaks. Those of you with a good Spanish vocabulary will know that “sazón” means “seasoning,” but [...]

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Sunrise starts with a daily glaze at Bakery Donuts

By JD Herman For some folks a cup of coffee is the spark plug that helps start the day but the fuel that gets Houston through lunch is the glazed donut. You can try and convince me the wake-up food of choice in Texas is the breakfast taco, but I think the classic American glazed [...]

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Houston Israelis Feeling More At Home In New Grocery Store, Fresh Green Delights

By HAGIT BIBI | JHV Fresh Green Delights, a neighborhood produce and grocery store, takes you straight to Israel, making many native Israelis feel at home. The small store, located at 10103 Fondren Rd. Suite 118, is becoming popular all over Texas. People from Dallas, San Antonio and Austin come especially to Houston looking for [...]

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India House Adapting and Supporting Houston During the Pandemic

By JD Herman Covid-19 affects everyone and has significantly impacted many businesses and entities across Houston, including India House, one of the most beloved community support groups in the city. Despite the impact of the pandemic, India House has been able to adapt, allowing the organization to continue meeting the ever-shifting needs of the community. While [...]

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Interview with Sheri Cortez, Economic Development Chair of Brays Oaks

By Christina Autry Sheri Cortez is the Brays Oaks Management District’s Chair of Economic Development. Cortez has been an active member of the community for twenty-five years, and is a leader in the district’s current rebranding initiative. We spoke with Cortez to get a brief update on this rebranding process and where it stands.   [...]

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Variedades Lazo – Salvadoran Food Treasure

By JD Herman Tucked away off South Gessner on Creekbend Drive is a wonderful bakery and restaurant serving up specialties from El Salvador. The storefront of this eatery is deceptively simple, but open the door and the smell of fresh baked treats will wash over you and instantly transport you to grandmother’s kitchen. There is [...]

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Great Spin on Peruvian Classics

On the corner of Willowbend and South Post Oak is one of Houston’s best South American eateries. Peru Gourmet offers unique and flavorful dishes inspired by Peruvian classics from owners Franz Bardeles and Fransciso Banich. Originally from Lima, they opened The restaurant 5 years ago to share their love of Peruvian food, and have been [...]

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