Brays Oaks Super Neighborhood #36

Meets Tuesday, April 6, 2021

@6:30p via Zoom

Join us in Welcoming new commnity partners, Solugen Inc and At-Large Position 5, Council Member Sallie Alcorn. We’ll provide updates on the speed limit reduction task force working to reduce the current speed limit in residential communites from 30mph to 25mph by supporting HB 442 and SB 221.

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April 6, 2021 Agenda

Solugen, Inc

Founded in 2016 by Gaurab Chakrabarti, M.D., Ph.D., and Sean Hunt, Ph.D., Solugen is a venture-backed specialty chemicals company that applies industrial biotechnology and green chemistry principles to re-design the production of a variety of end-use and novel chemicals. The company’s first product, BioPeroxide™, was created using patented enzymatic technology to convert plant sugars into hydrogen peroxide and was followed by the manufacturing of a comprehensive line of products such as their flagship ScaleSol™ and BioChelate™ solutions.

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Solugen’s Mission

Solugen’s mission is to decarbonize the chemicals industry. Its comprehensive line of environmentally-friendly products help companies be responsible stewards of the environment and their local communities. And through their mobile “mini-mills,” Solugen is able to descale and geographically distribute chemical manufacturing factories, drastically impacting the way chemical solutions are produced and transported.

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Sallie is a mom, wife, friend, volunteer, and dedicated public servant. She’s no stranger to City Hall where she has earned a reputation for being a strong staff leader with sharp analytical skills and a keen political sense. She served three council members, the city’s flood czar, and held two positions in the housing and community development department. Her passion for public policy is well reflected in her work on a broad range of issues including flood mitigation, transportation, city finances, housing, economic development, and infrastructure.

As chief of staff to the chair of the budget and fiscal affairs committee, Sallie learned to navigate the city’s $5 billion budget. She helped develop the city’s comprehensive financial policies and orchestrated five years of budget hearings. She was heavily involved in initial Harvey recovery efforts and obtained grant funding to advance green stormwater infrastructure initiatives. She assembled and managed a task force to tackle redevelopment and flooding policies, worked with council members to identify neighborhood drainage projects, and led the charge to bring Houston’s Adopt-A-Drain Program to life.


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