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We encourage you to join in the efforts to keep the Morris Frank Express library @ 10103 Fondren Rd open. This library is in close proximity to Elrod, McNamara, Milne Elementary, Fondren Middle School and a large concentration of apartment homes in the general area.  This Morris Frank Epress Library is important because of where it is located and the number of residences and apartment homes that are within walking distance of the facility.

The new library being built at 5055 Belrose will be a challenge for the many of the residences and apartment homes that are within walking distance of the current facility. The vast majority of the residents within a one-mile radius of the Morris Frank library are low income owners or renters, driving to the new Belrose location will not be an option for many.  

A sample support letter has been provided to help support the community efforts in keeping the local library open and thriving for the residents, students and seniors in our area to have access for continued use and educational purposes. We appreciate your time and consideration in helping this joined effort.



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Cast your Vote on Tuesday

November 2, 2021

Constitutional Amendments information for Nov 2021

prepared by the League of Women Voters

The November 2nd election ballot contains 8 amendments to the Texas Constitution, called “Propositions.” If approved by the voters, these Propositions will have an impact upon the lives of Texans

The following videos were prepared by the League of Women Voters

are divided into 3 segments:

(1) a description of the Proposition;

(2) the arguments of proponents who are in favor of approving the Proposition; and

(3) the arguments of opponents who are against approving the Proposition

Your Vote Matters!

Proposition. 1:

Proposition. 2:

Proposition. 3:

Proposition 4:

Proposition 5:

Proposition 6:

Proposition 7:

Proposition 8:

Early voting

October 18, 2021 thru October 29, 2021

The Brays Oaks Super Neighborhood Council #36 is not suggesting how you should vote

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The Brays Oaks Super Neighborhood Council #36 will meet on

Tuesday, December 7, 2021