Vice Mayor Pro Tem Castex-Tatum
to Host District K Redistricting Town Hall Meeting

May 4th @6pm

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City Council approves resolution that outlines principles for the 2022 City Council redistricting process based on population data from the 2020 Census

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Castex-Tatum will host the District K Town Hall meeting on May 4th at 6:00pm at the Fountain Life Center located at 14083 S. Main, Houston, TX 77035. All District K residents are invited to attend.

Each City Council district will host a town hall meeting to explain the redistricting process and to allow members of the public to give input to the City on how they want their district to look in the future. There will be multiple opportunities for residents to comment and get updates.

A Capital Improvement Project (CIP) update meeting will follow the Redistricting Town Hall meetings at the same scheduled time and locations.

The redrawn districts will aim to:

  • Maintain relatively equal population numbers
  • Be composed of whole county voting precincts
  • Have easily identifiable geographic boundaries
  • Retain integrity of neighborhoods or communities of interest
  • Be compact and contiguous
  • Avoid packing or cracking
  • Preserve incumbent-constituency relations

 Visit for more details about redistricting criteria.

Submitting a Redistricting Plan

The public is encouraged to submit a plan. Residents may propose that certain voting precincts, neighborhoods, or locations be included in a specific district. .

Town Hall Meetings:

Attend a Redistricting town hall meeting and tell us what’s important to you. You can attend any meeting in any district.

View the full schedule of Redistricting Town Hall meetings for May.

Visit for more information, to get updates on meeting locations and ask questions about the redistricting effort. All content will be in English, Spanish, Vietnamese and Chinese by selecting languages in the upper right corner of the webpage.  


News from your Houston City Council Office, District J

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Redistricting & CIP Town Hall Meeting

District J residents are encouraged to attend the Redistricting and CIP Town Hall meeting taking place Monday, May 2, from 6-8 p.m. at the Sharpstown Park Community Center. Leaders will provide updates about capital improvement projects and discuss the redistricting process. For a schedule of all redistricting meetings taking place throughout the city, visit