Monday March 18th, 7:00pm at Willow Meadows Baptist Church
4300 West Bellfort Houston, Texas 77035
NOTE 7:00 p.m. start time…Doors open at 6:30pm

Lizzie Fletcher, United States Representative for the 7th Congressional District of Texas – We are honored to facilitate an event for Congresswoman Fletcher at anytime, but having this opportunity so soon into her first term indicates her desire to make our issues top priority.

Everyone’s attendance is crucial in demonstrating the strong desire of the community to overcome the devastation of the past years and the readiness to move on to a constantly improving future. Due to the lateness of this meeting announcement I am asking for everyone’s help in spreading the word about this all important meeting…numbers project togetherness, strength and resolve! Wherever you live and whatever your political leanings it doesn’t matter, flood issues impact all of us.

Susan Sample, Mayor of the City of West University Place and David Beach, City manager of the City of West University – Will be presenting us with an overview of the Ruffino Hills situation. The Ruffino Hills site is primarily an old landfill owned by the cities of Bellaire and West University…it is one of the last large parcels in the Brays Watershed that is not covered with development, the other two are the Westwood and Braeburn Country Clubs. We have heard from the COH and HCFCD over the years about the potential, or non-potential, of this site being utilized for much needed detention, but actually hearing from one of the owners of Ruffino Hills might shed new insight on possibilities.

Gary Zika, Federal Projects Manager for the Harris County Flood Control District, Project Brays lead team members Melissa Meyer and Rusty Lannin…and also Rob Lazaro, HCFCD Communications Officer – Will once again be present to handle your Project Brays information needs. Their availability and ability to answer questions and engage in discussion in either a group or one on one setting is always greatly appreciated by those in attendance. This accommodation is not only seeing us through Project Brays, but also has acted as an immeasurable conduit while we were experiencing three devastating flood events and trying to come to grips with the aftermath. I know I say this every couple months, but it can’t be stated enough how appreciative the community is that HCFCD and Harris County Commissioners Court facilitate this reliable outreach…we might not always like an answer, but the fact that they are accessible goes a long way and allows us an opportunity for dialogue.

Also you can visit the BBA Group Facebook page (see link below).
Brays Bayou Association, President
Charles Goforth