While economists and real estate experts agree, Houston has fared better than much the rest of the country during the economic downturn, nowhere else in the city is that more obvious than in the Brays Oaks area.

Ray Lopez, leasing director for Rockwell Management, points to a pair of properties that offer many advantages to its tenants and enables them to thrive.
“The Brays Oaks Towers at 10101 and 10103 Fondren are located in the heart of the Brays Oaks Management District,” he said. “The Towers are well-situated in Southwest Houston with easy access to Interstate 59, Loop 610 and Beltway 8 within a few miles.”

Built in 1979 and 1981 during some of the city’s boom years, the Towers each have approximately 100,000 square feet. “Rockwell acquired the properties in 2007,” Lopez said. “They have been completely upgraded and offer a much needed office environment in a growing and progressing community.”

“We offer business owners a place to locate their business and where they can be proud to invite their clients. At the Brays Oaks Towers, we have amenities like the Houston Public Library, on-site management/leasing/maintenance and the Metro bus stop directly in front of the building,”
— Ray lopez , Rockwell Management

Brandon J. Herndon, State Farm Insurance
Ray Lopez, Rockwell Management

“I am proud to lease the Brays Oaks Towers And Rockwell Management is proud to have a place business owners can call their home.” – Ray Lopez

The companies listed on the Towers’ tenant roster are a diverse and interesting business mix. They include Shiled International Protection, The Stelly Law Firm, Avalon Healthcare, Immigration Law Center, Break Through Companies, State Farm agent Brandon J. Herndon, and a few accounting firms. Burr, Beck & Partners is a staffing and recruiting company that leases office space on the third floor of the 10101 building, and is a perfect example of the kind of camaraderie that exists between tenants, where everyone is on a first-name basis.
“Don Burruto, president, is one of those tenants with whom I just love to catch up,” Lopez said. “His enthusiasm and sharing gets me motivated. That’s the kind of atmosphere we have here. I can walk down the hallway and say hello to our tenants and see what they’re up to.”

But probably one of the most solid business reasons to lease in the Brays Oaks area is affordability. While downtown Houston may be able to command $35 a square foot for office space, Brays Oaks Towers’ space costs only about a third of that, and nearly $4 a square foot less than Fondren office space addresses closer to the Southwest Freeway. “We are able to offer rates significantly lower than others parts of Houston and make it an affordable option compared,” Lopez said. “Also, a significant amount of our tenants live nearby, which significantly reduces the commute, saving them money and allowing them to spend more time on their business.”