The Houston Parks Board is pleased to partner with the Friends of the Lee LeClear Tennis Center, Inc. and the Houston Parks and Recreation Department to complete a full renovation of the Lee LeClear Tennis Center. Opened in 1973, this once premier tennis facility is showing its age. Although still heavily used, the entire facility is in desperate need of renovation, from the courts to the tennis center.

The scope of work includes:

  • Demolish existing building, courts, fencing, lighting, walkways and plaza, and improve drainage/earthwork
  • Construct new walkways and entry plaza
  • Construct new tennis center with observation deck
  • Construct new concrete courts, practice wall, fencing, and court lighting
  • Install new center court seating and shade structure
  • Install new site furniture
  • Install landscaping and irrigation
  • Construct new parking lot, drop-off zone and install new security lighting/cameras

The estimated $5.4 million renovation will restore Lee LeClear Tennis Center to the premier facility of its glory days and provide a much-needed facility for tennis tournaments and the Houston tennis community.

Buy A Bench Campaign

Efforts are underway to raise funds to completely renovate the Lee LeClear Tennis Center after 40 years of use! The renovation will include a new tennis facility and a Learning Center for Health and Wellness.

One of the ways to contribute to this worthwhile project is to “buy a bench”. There will be fifty (50) benches, two on each court. Each individual bench that is sold will have a plaque placed on the back of the bench in honor of the name of a person, a family, a tennis team or a business that purchased the bench. The tax-deductible donation for each bench is $2,500.00.

Donations can be made by check payable to The Houston Parks Board. Indicate it is for the “buy a bench” campaign for the Lee LeClear Tennis Center. Alternatively, you can go to the Houston Parks Board and follow the instructions on how to contribute using a credit card.

And be sure to mark your calendar to attend The Lee LeClear Legacy Reunion on September 20, 2014, at the Lee LeClear Tennis Center!