The next few weeks will be a busy time for everyone and while we might be distracted with the hustle of the holiday season, HPD wants everyone to remember a few simple tips that will help you and your family stay safe.

While shopping you should stay alert to your surroundings.

  • Don’t walk and talk on your phone and only carry what cards and cash are necessary.
  • Secure your belongings out of sight and keep your purse nearby at all times.

The holiday season also means increased spending so be careful to protect your personal data.

  • Be wary of who you provide your personal information to and watch for credit skimming devices.
  • Watch your financial statements closely and report inconsistencies immediately.

When you make your holiday purchases, stow them in the trunk prior to your next destination.

  • If you are stowing packages in your trunk and then heading back in to keep shopping, move your vehicle and park in a different place.
  • Make your most expensive purchase your last purchase of the day and take the item straight home.
  • Criminals are watching what you are buying and whether you are going to leave it unattended in your car after you make your purchase.

Don’t forget to protect your home

  • At home keep the outside well lit, doors locked and curtains closed.
  • If you are traveling out of town have a neighbor watch your house and put your lights on a timer.
  • It might be tempting to display your tree in the window for everyone to see, it’s best to keep your tree and gifts where on-lookers can’t see.

When it’s time to clean up remember not to advertise what gifts you received.

  • Destroy the boxes or place them in sealed garbage bags before you set them out for garbage collection.

HPD wishes everyone a happy and safe holidays. For more information on holiday safety tips visit