Petitioning HISD

The HISD Board of Trustees, during closed session next week on November 13, will be discussing the bond scope for Westbury High School – specifically the fate of a campus expansion for WHS that HISD has already begun and had promised to continue as part of the 2012 Bond Program land acquisition. The fate of the WHS campus expansion is at serious risk.

1. An online petition has been prepared to show support for WHS to become a School of Choice and to support Campus Expansion. We hope that you will sign it as an endorsement of support AND also help us spread the petition link as fast as possible. Here is the link to the petition on

2. Additionally, a TIMELINE document has been prepared to document the decades of effort that parents, alumni, and the community have devoted in an effort to revitalize Westbury High School. It is amazing how long and how hard we all have been working over the past THIRTY years to improve WHS. The TIMELINE is 16 pages long, in chronological order, with photos and diagrams near the end, including some of the recent positive steps that WHS and HISD have taken at the school. This incredible timeline was created by Cindy Chapman.

3. For additional reference, an HISD document about the 2013 Demographics for WHS is available. You will see that 1,173 students zoned to WHS transferred out to other HISD campuses. Another 1,024 students zoned to WHS are not in public school. There were a total of 4,335 students zoned to WHS last year. Of those, 1,859 attended WHS. Also, 215 students transferred IN to WHS last year (primarily from Madison or Sharpstown).

Both these documents are available on the WCC website, under Hot Topics. Here is a link to the page.