Glenshire Marker 01

Glenshire is proud to announce the implementation of a beautiful monument on W Airport and the refurbishing of the former existing signage on Oglethorpe and the feeder of the S Sam Houston Parkway feeder!

The monument took nearly a year to complete, and is now the gateway to the Brays Oaks Management District! The beautiful landscaped and lighted monument will serve two purposes with its beauty and traffic calming! It’s a truly a sight to behold!

The second sign that is now on Oglethorpe, once served as the main sign on W Airport. It was refurbished and is now standing in its new home on Oglethorpe! This entry to the East side of Glenshire is now beautifully visible to all who travel along the feeder, and is a great marker for the community with its lights and landscaping!

Go Glenshire!

Glenshire Marker 02