planning and development deptEarlier this year, the Northfield I & II HOA hosted a community meeting relative to initiating a special minimum lot size area application with the Planning and Development Dept. Last year, revisions to Chapter 42 was modified by City Council that extended the minimum lot size and minimum building line requirements to neighborhoods within the corporate boundaries of the City of Houston that do not have minimum lot size or minimum building lines language within their most current set of deed restrictions.

The Northfield I & II community is in the process of mailing their completed ballots back to the Planning and Development Dept. to achieve their 55% threshold requirement for a special minimum lot size area. If they meet the required threshold, the application will be submitted to the Houston Planning Commission for approval and then onto to City Council to be codified as an ordinance.

“Most District K neighborhoods have the minimum lot size language within their most recent deed restrictions. For those District K neighborhoods without this protected language, the Planning Dept. has provided a development tool that those neighborhoods can easily protect the traditional character of their residential neighborhood,” states Council Member Green. “So far, Glenshire and Braeburn Valley are two District K neighborhoods that originally didn’t have the protected language in their deed restrictions, but worked with the Planning Dept., and the District K office to secure through neighborhood character their a special minimum lot size area ordinance.”

More information about this development tool can be found online. When you make your appointment with the Planning Department, please bring a copy of your most recent deed restrictions.