CANCELLED I have been informed that just surfacing obligations of a much higher priority have arisen and our speakers will be unable to attend the BBA Flood Forum scheduled for Tuesday September 19th. While we are disappointed we understand that going to DC to advocate on behalf of Houston for much needed recovery assistance and dealing with the ever changing political and bureaucratic scene here in Houston takes precedence. We thank Steve Costello and Russ Poppe for their desire and attempt to uphold their commitment to participate in our previously scheduled “Flood Forum,” even in the face of such a demanding situation they found themselves in due to Mr. Harvey. They have asked not to cancel, but to postpone… we will reschedule as soon as possible and hope you can be part of that event. What’s the saying… third time’s the charm!

The BBA “Special Meeting” scheduled for tomorrow night, Friday the 15th at 7:00 at The Gathering Place, 5310 South Willow Drive is still a go. The BBA is an appointed member of the Harris County Flood Control Task (an advisory board to HCFCD and Harris County Commissioner’s Court) and is a Bayou Preservation Association Bayou Watershed Representative for the Brays Watershed. We want to hear from you regarding anything that you feel is important, so we can take it back to the above mentioned entities with emphasis.

Charles Goforth
Brays Bayou Association