By JD Herman

The vibrant orange and green colors of Pollo Campero always draw my attention. Their illustrated bird logo is a joyful throwback that reminds me of youthful after school cartoons. Accordingly, it is no surprise that the food they serve will draw you in and make you a fan of their fun and festive take on a quality chicken meal.

Brays Oaks Management District has a plethora of fast food options, but I was looking for something that was a step above the typical fast food lunch. A co-worker suggested Pollo Campero and so I hopped down West Bellfort Avenue, just west of Fondren, to give them a try.

Pollo Campero is an international chain so the bright colors mentioned above stood out against some of the more drab establishments in the area. As I walked in for a quick work-week lunch the first thing that caught my attention was the horchata. This popular Latin American beverage is a delicious combination vanilla and cinnamon flavors. If I were a hummingbird a good horchata would be my nectar of choice, and Pollo Campero’s version was indeed a grand, sweet treat to go with my meal. I was already excited and I hadn’t even ordered my chicken yet.

You have the option of fried or grilled bird at Pollo Campero. The fried chicken has a nice, light crisp to it unlike some of the heavily battered options you usually find. The Pollo Campero fried chicken has just the right amount of crunch and a great smoky tang. I also ordered some grilled chicken with my meal which was also exceptional–Latin inspired spices highlighted a perfectly cooked, juicy chicken breast that carried a perfect balance of flavors. The official slogan of Pollo Campero could easily be; “Simple. Good. Chicken.”

There was one serious dilemma that was encountered with my order of half chicken: corn tortillas or dinner roll? Both options had such potential… What would you do? This was almost a panic inducing moment, but I persevered and ordered both. Either option goes well with the meal but, I have to say, their rolls are fantastic. If you can afford the calories get two! Heck, if you can’t afford the calories get two and schedule an extra workout for later. It will be worth it, I assure you.

There are a ton of great sides to choose from at Pollo Campero. The yucca fries are a must, and for something completely different, try the plantains–a sweet banana like fruit sliced and fried to a crispy outside. Other options on the menu are Campero rice, mashed potatoes or Campero Beans. All of these sides are prepared fresh on-site at each location, not mass produced at a factory. That care and quality shows. I had the rice and beans on my visit and both were really good.

Pollo Campero has a rich history going back to 1971 in Guatemala. It is truly an international company with 350 stores throughout the world. First opening in the United States in 2002, the company has quickly become an area favorite. There simply isn’t another fast food option in the Brays Oak Management District that offers this quality of great grub at such an affordable price.

“Life is delicious. Make the most of it.” Indeed.

Address: 9979 Beechnut St suite j, Houston, TX 77036
Phone: 713.541.0520