By JD Herman

The only thing better than good Mexican street food is good Mexican street food with air conditioning and a great staff. Antojos Locos has hit a grand slam with their new restaurant in the Brays Oaks Management District off West Bellfort at the Beltway. From epic tortas to tacos, to their homemade agua frescas, they will make your mouth water and make you a regular customer on your first bite. Did I mention they are BYOB? Seriously, this place is destined for success. I definitely have crazy cravings for Antojos Locos!

On a lazy, hot Sunday we pulled into the corner strip center at Bellfort and the Beltway, a newly developed brick building with ample parking. Walking into Antojos Locos our senses were first greeted by the aroma of fajita meets and then sizzle of a hot grille.  The gentlemen taking our order was friendly and personable and began explaining the menu to us. Tortas are the specialty of the house and they are listed on the menu as both Teleras (traditional) Teleras Locos (crazy). As you might guess, the simple teleras focus on one style of filling whereas, the locos are a combo of two or more meats. The bread for the tortas, the “telara,” is especially made for the restaurant. I ordered the La Nortena torta along with a few chicken tacos and a pastor taco. The torta is massive–not even kidding when I say two hungry people could split one and be totally satisfied–and was cheesy goodness, filled with chicken, ham and beef. Five mini tacos come per order, making them a perfect starter for a group. My lunch date also ordered a veggie tostada that came piled high with crema and cotija. To top off this crazy feast we ordered a horchata and a mango agua fresca–also massive in size.

If you are new to the agua fresca game it is water and sweet fruit juice usually sweetened just a touch with sugar or simple syrup.  Good aguas frescas are made with real fruit juice and you’ll get the real thing at Antojos Locos. Bonus, as mentioned earlier the restaurant is BYOB and a little bit of rum in Jamaica agua fresca is a little bit of  heaven in a glass. Next time you have a Friday night craving for some good food and a refreshing drink, Antojos Locos will have you covered. Our mango fresca and the horchata were fantastic, the latter having just enough creamy sweetness to cut the heat of the house-made hot sauces.

While waiting for our food Abraham Martinez, the owner, told us more about his path in creating this new restaurant. A big fan of Mexican street food, he was passionate about bringing a slight twist to the Tex-Mex fare so beloved in Houston. Antojos Locos’ edge though is in the family vibe felt throughout the establishment. Abraham’s business philosophy is simple, “It’s  all about taking care of your brothers and sisters. We are in this together so let’s all work together for success.” His affable attitude is wonderful and he noted his business philosophy was informed by his 8 years of service in the United States Marine Corp: “Taking care of your staff is important, we are all in this together and have to look out for each other.”

Abraham delivered tacos and tortas to our table and we dove in. The Telera Locos (torta) was absolutely amazing. The spices, combined with the mayo-like dressing, and sliced avocado were a stellar match to the meats and bread. The telera was delicate, with a touch of sweetness, something that really sets their torta apart from others. Fresh from the panaderia, they have nice brown on the outside while remaining fluffy on the inside–an absolute winner. The tacos were also exceptional. Both the el pastor and chicken were seasoned with fresh cilantro and white onion, served on warm corn tortillas. It was finger food perfection.

Combined with our drinks we had an amazing lunch. Having such a quality (and affordable) restaurant in the Brays Oaks Management District is a wonderful treat. Stop by for lunch or dinner, meet Mr. Abraham Martinez, and enjoy the wonderful comfort food he and his team make to order. Antojos Locos is crazy good!

Antojos Locos
11861 S Sam Houston Pkwy W STE. D
Houston, TX 77031