BOMD – Taking Care of Each Other: India House’s After School, Health and Food Programs Provide Vital Support to Community

India House first opened the O.P Jindal facility in 2008 with the desire to support the community by bringing resources, education, services and Indian culture to Houstonians. The organization has achieved an important role in the Brays Oaks Management District by offering diverse programming and much-needed services, which include; medical assistance (Charity Volunteer Clinic and Sareen Harris Health Clinic), legal consultation, urban youth programs (after-school and summer camp), wellness programs (free yoga and meditation; tai-chi), language courses, and many more activities and events.

The beautiful design of the O.P Jindal building captures your eyes with a light and open foyer. The building invites you in, welcomes you, just as the volunteers and staff of India House do on a daily basis. “At India House, we’re interested in promoting healthy living and supporting our community as a whole – not just the Indian community of Houston, but everyone,” says Col. Vipin Kumar the Executive Director. “Everyone is welcome at India House.”

Col. Kumar was eager to share and promote a few of India House’s ongoing and upcoming programs that are all offered free of charge, or at a very nominal cost.

Urban Youth After-School Classes: The first month of the new school year is here and it’s easy to be overwhelmed with lots of “to-dos”. Don’t let the stress of new school routines overwhelm you. Do yourself a favor and prepare for your new schedule by planning ahead. Make sure you are signed up for after school programs that keep your kids stimulated with fun activities!

India House offers a multicultural place for kids to have fun while learning. This low cost after school care supports families in southwest Houston neighborhoods that are in close proximity to India House. They even offer pick up service at several neighboring elementary schools. The organization’s urban youth coordinator also provides daily enrichment and educational support. Col. Kumar emphasized this program was intended to help parents in the community and their children.

The India House Bus picks up from the following schools:

  1. Kate Bell Elementary
  2. Valley West Elementary
  3. A. A. Milne Elementary
  4. Gross Elementary

Food Distribution Program: Less than a year ago, India House launched a food distribution program. During the first few months over 100 families benefited but word quickly spread within the community about the program, which offers dry goods staples (cereal), fresh produce (cabbage, lettuce, watermelons), and canned goods. Now, India House –– in collaboration with the Houston Food Bank –– distributes fresh produce and grocery items to 200+ families twice a month, feeding an estimated 1,400 people monthly! This program has become incredibly popular and requires a large volunteer staff and significant donations, but the effort benefits so many families that it has become one of the most popular India House programs. Distribution days are on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of every month. Contact India House for more information.

Sareen Harris Health Clinic: India House is also home to the successful Sareen Harris Health Clinic, a public services collaboration with Harris County, which provides medical and health assistance at a nominal cost. The Sareen Clinic was named after a generous donor who saw the value India House offered in serving a community that might otherwise go without care. As a Harris Health’s same-day clinic, the Sareen facility is a great option for getting care for minor illnesses and injuries –– walk-ins are welcome for 15-minute visits with Board-certified clinicians. While there is no onsite pharmacy, lab testing and flu vaccines are available. Minimum co-pays –– which start at $3.00 –– are determined by insurance plan requirements, or Harris Health system financial eligibility.

Sareen Harris Health Clinic
Monday – Friday | 8:00 am – 4:00 pm
Saturday | 9:00 am – 11:00 am
Contact Number: 713-218-2697

Our community is made stronger by our diversity and our commitment to helping one another. India House shines bright as an example for all of us, we are better together helping and supporting one another. Brays Oaks Management District, and all of Houston,is genuinely privileged to have India House working for a better community.

India House
8888 W Bellfort Ave
Houston, TX 77031