Monday October 21st, 7:30pm
4300 West Bellfort 77025

Willow Meadows Baptist – FELLOWSHIP HALL

Gary Zika, Harris County Flood Control District Federal Projects Manager – Power Point presentation, discussion and Q&A… It’s ZIKA TIME at the BBA! As Project Brays enters the wrap up phase what can we expect and is there anything to get excited about beyond PB? Bridge construction/closures (total and partial), Detours, Trails, Detention sites (610/S. Braeswood, Boardwalk Apartments, S. Post Oak/Willow Waterhole and the just purchased Meyer Grove Apartments 10/17/19), Stats and Numbers are but a few of the items to be highlighted. So come with your questions, suggestions, comments or just come to see and listen!

Project Brays Team Members – Rusty Lannin and Melissa Meyer will also be in attendance and available for independent one on one or group discussion prior and post meeting!

Recap of the Brays Bayou/Meyerland Associations Mayoral Forum

You can visit the BBA Group Facebook page (see link below).

See you on the 21st!

Charles Goforth
Brays Bayou Association, President