Monday, November 18th, 7:30 pm
4300 West Bellfort 77025
Willow Meadows Baptist – FELLOWSHIP HALL

HOWARD SACKS, President of Levitt Pavilion Houston, will share with the public for the first time a Power Point Presentation detailing the fantastic recent news regarding the Levitt Pavilion Houston entertainment venue at the Willow Waterhole Park and how the project got to where it is. We’ll also hear about lots of other good things going on at the Willow Waterhole today and in the future! This could prove to be that defining moment the surrounding community has been waiting for!

Gary Zika, Harris County Flood Control District Federal Projects Manager – will be providing an update on Project Brays and HCFCD related watershed activity.

Project Brays Team Members – Rusty Lannin and Melissa Meyer will also be in attendance and available for independent one on one or group discussion prior and post meeting!

We’ll also get into some of the many impacts, temporary and permanent, that we can expect from the bridge and intersection reconstruction at S. Rice/Chimney Rock/Hillcroft. These are important aspects that everyone in the vicinity of these areas, and or those that commute through, need to be aware of! So come with your questions, suggestions, comments or just come to see and listen!

You can visit the BBA Group Facebook page (see link below).

See you on the 18th!

Charles Goforth
Brays Bayou Association, President