District K Friends,
It is my hope that you are warm and safe.  I understand the tremendous challenges we all have gone through this week.  
Please note our office will have bottled water for distribution today at two locations in the district. We are asking residents who really need the water to come by today to pick up a case.  As more water arrives we will continue theses distributions.
We will have water at Townwood Park (3402 Simsbrook Drive, 77045) and the Fountain Life Center (14083 S Main, 77035) today at 3:30 p.m. for residents without water or power to boil drinking water.  Limited supplies are available.  
We will also help with delivering water through CrowdSource Rescue to residents who are unable to drive or don’t have reliable transportation.  You can sign up for delivery at http://crowdsourcerescue.org/freeze.
Public Works team continues to work on stabilizing the water pressure for Houstonians and we are asking all Houstonians to conserve it as much as possible.  The boil notice is still in effect and we expect it to remain at least through Monday. Please report broken pipes or water mains to 311.  
We will get through this together!  Stay encouraged; we are Houston Strong.