If you like use the iNaturalist app with the link below and eBird at Keegans Bayou Trail, Houston, TX to post photos. The iNaturalist app may be used for a self-guided tour thanks to individuals posting their photos. Include all the wildlife such as the fish and turtles. 
Nature Trail Bird Walk
Saturday, October 8, 8 am to 9 am
Brays Oaks Trail to Keegans Bayou Wildlife Observation Bridge
Meet at 8 am at the crosswalk entrance at approximately
Street Parking on Silkwood Drive North of Willow Meadow
Bring water and binoculars.
Easy concrete trail, 1050 feet to the Bridge from the Willow Meadow Drive crosswalk entrance to the Trails.
Our Bird Guide is Naturalist Mary Ann Beauchemin who will lead to the Bridge and beyond as we like for an hour.