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District J, Council Member Edward Pollard

At Tuesday’s meeting, Council Member Edward Pollard provided details on a number of projects his office has been working on. Creative ways to improve & increase community services within the district include heavy haul programs, road improvements, employment opportunity programs, working with local law enforcement agencies on hot spots to address and target community issues or concerns.


District J Private Trash Day

Saturday, January 14, 2023

This is a reminder to register for the third installment of District J Private Trash Day, which will take place Saturday, January 14, 2023. This door-to-door concierge service is being provided to District J in response to residents who are in need of heavy trash and tree waste removal. Private Trash Day is a supplement to the work done by the city’s Solid Waste Department and does not replace your regular city schedule. We are the only area of the city doing this initiative, and it is only for District J residents.

To participate in the program, registration is required. If you do not register your home for heavy pick up, your waste will not be discarded, and you will be responsible for removing those items from the curb.

Waste removal workers will collect up to 8 cubic yards of waste for each registered home (about the size of two pickup truck beds or a 5-passenger mini-van). All tree shrubs must be bundled or bagged in order to be collected, and waste must be put out on the curb by 7:00 a.m. on Saturday, January 14th.

This private curb-side service is limited to 1,500 residents and will be on a first-come, first-served basis. To register for heavy trash/tree waste collection at your home, click here to complete the request form. If you do not have access to the internet, please register by calling 832-427-9235.  The deadline to register for pickup is January 6, 2023. We encourage you to please share this information with all your neighbors to enhance awareness. 

Please note, below is a list of unacceptable items to discard. Any items on this list will not be picked up:

Whole Tires

Household Garbage (food, drinks, liquids/chemicals)

Hazardous Waste





Paint Cans with Liquid and/or lids attached

Refrigerators with Freon

A/C Unites with Freon


Community expresses safety concerns for Proposed Development at 11826 Riceville School Road

Vice Mayor Pro Tem & District K Council Member Martha Castex-Tatum provided a brief update on the proposed Riceville development. She’s aware of the vision zero safety concerns and wanted to assure community members that her office does not support this development. Your letters opposing the development should be sent to Martha’s office. She will be presenting the letters and expressing the community’s concerns to the Mayor, city council and the Houston housing authorities during their January meeting.

Happy New Year! Back by popular demand- Shred Days in District K

Let’s start the new year off shredding unwanted documents and making space for new business. It’s important that we properly dispose of documents to protect our privacy and maintain adequate security when handling sensitive information. Did you know shredding documents also makes recycling easier?

As we begin 2023 make sure you box up those documents to bring to one of 3 District K Shred Day locations.

January 21st from 9am to 12 noon we will be at New Faith Church and Westbury United Methodist Church. New Faith Church location will accept small appliances and paper.

January 28th from 9am to 12 noon we will be in Fort Bend Houston at Ridgemont Clubhouse.

Mark your calendars and let’s start 2023 without all those piles of paper!

Please note the following details about the event:

  • Residents DO NOT need to remove staples, paper clips from papers. The shredding machine is capable of handling.
  • Residents are to bring PAPER ONLY to be shredded. NOTE: NO CARDBOARD BOXES will be shredded, so residents will be taking back their boxes.
  • The Texas Security Shredding staff will remove the papers from the resident’s vehicle, place in a 96-gallon receptacle, fill, then roll the receptacle on the conveyer to the shredding equipment on the truck.
  • Volunteers will be on hand to assist to ensure residents have their vehicles accessible for the Texas Security Shredding staff and to reiterate PAPER the Westbury United Methodist Church and Ridgemont Clubhouse location.

Acceptable Small Electronics

Barcoding equipment, Blackberry’s, Cables/Cords, CD Rom/DVD Drives, Cell phone batteries, Cell phones, Circuit/Motherboards, Computers, Docking Stations, Fax Machines, Hard Drives, Keyboards, Laptop Batteries, LCD Monitors, Mainframes, Memory, Mice, Network Hardware, Notebooks & Laptops, PDA’s, Power Supplies, Radios, Scanners, Shredders, Tape Drives, Telephones, UPS Batteries, Video Cameras, Wireless devises.


Floor Copiers, Printers and multipurpose printers, Florescent tubes, Hazardous Waste, CRT Monitors, Items w/Freon, Kitchen/Bathroom Appliances, Light Bulbs, Microwaves, oils, Paints, Speakers, Stereos, Televisions, Vacuum Cleaners

Texas Security Shredding undertakes no responsibility or obligation to destroy any data contained within the electronics.


2023 Arbor Day Celebration to be held at Glenshire Park

Glenshire Park has been selected to host the City of Houston 2023 Annual Arbor Day Celebration.  Arbor Day is a unique opportunity for Houstonians to come together to celebrate the many benefits of trees. 


Volunteer registration is required

and must be sent to the following email address: 

[email protected].  

Apply for the Turnaround Entrepreneur ship by

January 6, 2023

The City of Houston Turnaround Entrepreneurship Program is accepting applications for the free 9-week course for previously incarcerated Houston residents interested in starting their own business. The course includes instruction on business planning, networking, coaching and financial education.

The deadline to apply is

January 6, 2023.

View the online application


At-Large Position 5, Council Member Sallie Alcorn joined Brays Oaks SNC36 meeting Tuesday night to provide updates on the number of problematic issues her committee will be taking up. She discussed the problematic issues with commercial vehicles parking in residential areas, concerns with Airbnb, due to the excessive crowds and noise these massive events bring to small our communities and thanked BOSNC36 stakeholders Skip Reeded & Mike Bercu for their dedication & shared vision of Ruffino Hills.

In addition to the wealth of information our Council Members provided, we were honored to have Vice Mayor Pro Tem District K, Council Member Martha Castex-Tatum and At-Large 5, Council Member Sallie Alcorn join the Brays Oaks SNC36 members, stakeholders & business partners. We were excited to have such powerful representation, providing a wealth of information and sharing such valuable resources.

Join us for our next meeting on Tuesday, February 7, 2023 at 10611 Fondren Rd @6:30p.


January 2023 Presidential Proclamation

“National Slavery and Human

Trafficking Prevention Month”


Houston has long been the nation’s most notorious human trafficking hub. Therefore, DA Ogg is dedicated to investigating and prosecuting up the chain of criminality to hold pimps and traffickers accountable. Those who prey on vulnerable women, men and children now face felony charges and prison sentences, while sex workers are diverted into counseling at the Houston Area Women’s Center and into community-based treatment for drug and sex abuse.

In the fall of 2017, DA Ogg launched Project 180, redefining the approach to Houston’s human trafficking problem. The program utilizes a multi-disciplinary team to identify trafficking victims while aggressively prosecuting exploiters.

This project began as an 18-month program, funded by a grant from the Governor’s Office, with four goals in mind:

  • Reduce the harm of a criminal conviction for offenders, charged with prostitution likely entered into this life as adolescent trafficking victims;
  • Bridge this same population with a community agency (Houston Area Women’s Center) for services to help them transition into a better life;
  • Increase accountability of exploiters (sex buyers and traffickers) through increased prosecution and sentencing;
  • Gather data and research to inform future policy regarding this population.