Keeping the neighborhood safe and clean is not just an individual responsibility but a collective one. It requires everyone’s effort and cooperation to maintain an environment where we all want to live, work and play. The District J HOT Team works diligently each month to clear trash and debris from along roadways, parks and other areas not designated for dumping.

BEFORE & AFTER: The District J HOT team removed illegally dumped items on March 30th from an area near CenterPoint Easement Silkwood/Willow Meadow.
Recently, our office was informed that a District J resident witnessed a person illegally dumping items in an unauthorized area. The resident spoke with the person in question, asking him not to leave his trash on the sidewalk, but that request was ignored. Our office received pictures of the person who dumped the items as well as of the debris left behind. It was later determined that the person dumping the items is actually a resident of District J. Our office forwarded all documentation concerning this incident to the Houston Police Department for investigation.
A man is seen illegally dumping bags of garbage, furniture, and other items on the side of the road.
BEFORE & AFTER: The District J HOT team removed illegally dumped items on March 31st from an area near CenterPoint Easement Consuela/ Willow Meadow.
We have also received other reports about illegal dumping along Ruffino Road by commercial companies and others. Although barriers are currently in place, our office is working with Houston Public Works department to create a more permanent solution to restrict access to that area.
Barricades near Ruffino Rd. are in place to deter illegal dumping.

Another frequently used dumping site is along Highway 59 and Beechnut. In this case, the HOT Team consistently makes trips to the area to clear it, but our office is working with the property owner on a more permanent solution.

BEFORE: Illegal dumping site near Hwy. 59 contains trash bags, boxes, toilets and other items.
AFTER: The District J HOT Team cleared away illegally dumped items at a site near Hwy. 59.

Illegal dumping is a pervasive problem that negatively impacts the health, safety, and quality of many communities throughout the City of Houston. That’s why Mayor Sylvester Turner created the One Clean Houston initiative, a $17.8 million dollar plan that will include more staff, newer equipment, surveillance, enforcement and other elements to address the illegal dumping issue.

Individuals and companies may access any of the designated neighborhood depositories and recycling centers in and around the city of Houston. Dumping waste in the wrong places not only makes the neighborhood look unattractive but also poses a significant health risk to the community. If you see instances of illegal dumping, please report it using 311 or the online reporting portal.

If we all work together, we can make sure District J and the city of Houston are clean and safe for everyone.

Together we will!

Edward Pollard