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District K Friends,
May is Mental Health Awareness Month and we are working to remove the stigma in our communities. Mental Health Awareness Month was established in 1949 to increase awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in American’s lives. It is so important for each of us to prioritize our mental wellness.
Unfortunately, many people dealing with mental illness do not know where they can access help. Our office has joined with partners to put together a Mental Wellness Resource Guide to offer potential options. If you know of anyone who could benefit from the resource guide please feel free to share.
Remember, you are not alone!
In service,
Click image to view the full resource guide

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Martha Castex Tatum Supports Case for Kid After School Program at Windsor Village Community Center – Computer Literacy and Aviation Classes

Bridging the Digital Divide established computer centers and Wi-Fi parks in apartment communities’ centers. The computer centers are used for after school and STEM oriented activities, computer literacy for seniors and job training and searching adults. Once the flight and drone simulators are installed the computer centers will also be used for the BMI and BDD Aviation Initiative. Council District Service Funds at Work!!!

Chief Finner Presents 1st Quarter Crime Stats. Good News for District K!

During Police Week, Chief Troy Finner to presented the COH crime stats for the 1st quarter. We’re down 27% in homicides and 12% in violent crimes.
In District K, we are down 18% in violent crimes. We will continue to work to keep our city safe.
To see the entire presentation on YouTube visit: Violent Crime in Houston Presentation Q1 2023
and to view all slides visit: HPD Q1 Crime Trends

Houston City Council Passes Amendment to the Donation Box Ordinance Allowing for NDRSs in the City

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Castex-Tatum joined Mayor Turner and her Council Colleagues in approving the amendment to the Donation Box Ordinance allowing for Neighborhood Donation Recycling Station (NDSR) placement throughout the City of Houston.
View the Green Education Foundation full press release here: Houston City Council Approves NDRSs in Districts

Houston Public Works Addresses
Meter Device Replacements

HOUSTON – Houston Public Works (HPW) is aware that some customers received high water bills after their meter reading devices were replaced.
Over the last several weeks, HPW installed new meter reading devices in neighborhoods where the previous ones were not working properly. The old devices led to some accounts being estimated and charged incorrectly. Moving forward, bills will be generated based on actual readings.
“We apologize for the stress and confusion among customers who received these bills,” said Houston Public Works Director, Carol Haddock. “I want to reassure our customers that we are working proactively to directly contact those who have been impacted, and the department will make appropriate corrections to these accounts.”
HPW is currently operating under a City Council approved program to replace the meter reading devices in specific areas of the city where failure of the devices have occurred.
Again, HPW regrets the inconvenience this has caused to customers affected by this change. These customers will be notified once their accounts are corrected and will not incur late fees or experience service interruptions.
If you have questions or believe you have been incorrectly charged, please reach out to the Customer Account Services team at 713.371.1400 and let us know in the District K office.

Brays Bayou Greenway Detour Notification – 610 Feeder Road and N Braeswood

Houston Parks Board would like to inform you of a trail detour on Brays Bayou Greenway due to a bridge improvement project by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).
On April 22, TxDOT began making these improvements to remove and replace the existing IH 610 Southbound Frontage Road Bridge over Brays Bayou between N. Braeswood Blvd and S. Braeswood Blvd. The current bridge, built in 1964, is structurally deficient, according to TxDOT. The new bridge will have 12 ft lanes, shoulders, and 6 ft wide sidewalks. The work also includes the reconstruction of the bridge approach pavement, sidewalk, and curb ramps adjacent to the pavement.
Construction work is expected to last until February 2024, dependent on the weather.
While the bridge is under construction, a section of the Brays Bayou Greenway at the N Braeswood intersection and IH 610 Southbound Frontage Road will be inaccessible. TxDOT is setting up a trail detour for users to follow for the duration of the project, which is divided into phases described below.
Phase One (April to September):
Trail users heading east along the trail will use the crosswalk across N. Braeswood at the 610 Southbound Frontage Road from the south side of N. Braeswood to the north side of N. Braeswood. Users will then use the crosswalk across the 610 Southbound Frontage Road over to the raised median between the U-turn and westbound N. Braeswood to get over to the east side of 610. Users will next use the crosswalk across the Northbound Frontage Road to get to the east side of that road and then use the crosswalk on N. Braeswood to get from the north side of N. Braeswood to the south side, where they can connect back to the trail.
For trail users heading west along the trail, the detour is the same but in reverse.
To see a map of this trail detour, click here: https://arcg.is/0a8XeL
To increase trail users’ comfort levels under 610 along the raised median, TxDOT is installing delineators (white poles with yellow reflectors on top) along the curb, separating the detour path from the vehicle traffic along N. Braeswood. This will also bring more attention to the detour for nearby vehicles.
Phase Two and Three (September 2023 to February 2024)
The detour detailed above and on the web map will change after Phase One is completed. Trail users will need to utilize the existing crosswalk at Endicott Lane to cross over N. Braeswood (which is located about 1,000 ft west of 610). Users will continue along the north side of N. Braeswood using the existing sidewalk. The rest of the detour to go under 610 is the same as described above for Phase One.
TxDOT will maintain the detour route and detour signage. If you have any questions about this project and the associated trail detour, please call the TxDOT Public Information Office at 713-802-5076 and email [email protected]. You can also follow TxDOT on social media on the following channels: Twitter (@txdothouston), Instagram (TxDOTHouston), and Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/txdothouston).

Sidewalk and Driveway Replacement
in Windsor Village Neighborhood

Improved sidewalks and driveways in Windor Village on Heatherbloom Drive are in progress. Residents can expect construction to be completed by the end of May 2023. The Project contractor is Grava, LLC.

Sidewalk Replacement in Keswick Place-Ramblewood Park

Residents in Keswick Place-Ramblewood Park will have improved sidewalks on Trail Lake Drive at Stancliff Drive. The construction for the sidewalk replacement and the addition of ADA ramps is scheduled to begin this month and is expected to be completed June 2023. The Project contractor is Grava, LLC. We are looking forward to these safer sidewalks.

Sidewalk Replacement Complete in Northbrook

Sidewalks replacement and ramps installation were completed for residents in Northbrook neighborhood in Brays Oaks. The contractor, JFT Construction, constructed the project on Sanford Road along Bob White Drive, which consisted of removal, replacement, and some addition of sidewalks for residents to enjoy. We will continue working to eliminate trip hazards by improving sidewalks throughout the District.

Homeless Encampments Along 610 Update

After waiting patiently for months, the encampments along 610 South, from Braeswood to Almeda (including Kirby, Main, Buffalo Speedway, Stella Link, etc.) were successfully and holistically decommissioned.
85% of the inhabitants are now housed, primarily at the Temporary Navigation Center, where they will work with case managers to be placed into permanent housing.

Keep District K Beautiful

While Keep Houston Beautiful month has ended, the message must continue. Maintaining a clean community takes all of us. Continue to dispose of your heavy trash properly and report any illegal dumping you may see in and around your neighborhood. Our cameras throughout the district are working and dumpers are getting caught. Let’s keep District K and Houston beautiful every month. Thank you, Clear Channel, for helping to amplify this public service announcement.

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Sponsors Connectivity Study for Willowbend Blvd. and W. Bellfort Ave. Intersection

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Catex-Tatum is sponsoring a Connectivity Study for the intersection at Willowbend Blvd. and West Bellfort Ave. to evaluate safety and walkability recommendations suggested by local stakeholders. The Connectivity Study is part of the Vision Zero Action Plan and helps develop low-cost solutions that can be constructed by Houston Public Works.
Vice Mayor Pro Tem Castex-Tatum and Planning and Development Department Chief Transportation Planner David Fields met with a group of stakeholders who offered feedback to identify the focus of the study. Gaps in connectivity that limit access to key services and destinations were discussed and identified. Design and implementation of small-scale solutions were discussed to eliminate the connectivity gaps.
Stakeholders were provided access to an online map, Willowbend/W. Bellfort Connectivity Study Comment Map, to drop a pin on the map and identify connectivity issues. The Planning and Development Staff will use this input for the next step of the study, which is a field work that will occur while school is still in session. The field work consists of will include onsite gather findings that will be brought back to the stakeholders at the next meeting. That meeting is to be determined.
Thank you to all the stakeholders who participated in the first meeting and all who provided input! We look forward to an impactful and successful study!

Martha’s President Advisory Council (MPAC) Meeting Aboard the Sam Houston Boat Tour

“Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.”—Brian Tracy
The District K HOA, Civic Club and Super Neighborhood Presidents are the leaders who work to keep our communities moving forward. To celebrate Keep Houston Beautiful month, our MPAC (Martha’s President Advisory Council) met with the Director of Solid Waste, Mark Wilfalk to discuss the One Clean Houston Plan, while also enjoying the Sam Houston Boat Tour at the Port of Houston. Bringing these leaders together always yields positive results. We are stronger together!

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Martha Castex Tatum Celebrates Complete Communities University Spring 2023 Graduates

The Department of Neighborhoods (DON) and District K celebrated Complete Communities University (CCU) Class of Spring 2023 graduation. Twenty-eight aspiring community leaders from neighborhoods throughout the city received certificates of course completion at a graduation ceremony held on May 3, 2023, at City Hall. Let’s all congratulate our District K graduates Kimberly Burks and Elisabeth Johnson! We look forward to working with them in the community.

Willow Park Tennis Courts Re-opening

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Castex-Tatum along with the Houston Parks and Recreation Department (HPARD) hosted the ribbon-cutting celebration of the re-opening of the Willow Park tennis courts. The resurfacing project of nearly $83,000 includes new and updated equipment and materials HPARD now use: post-tension slab with a heavy perimeter beam; Geotech soil evaluation; new fencing; and the latest paint technology in colorized courts.
HPARD Deputy Director Thomas Angelos, HPARD Tennis Director and Tennis Legend Zina Garrison, Willow Meadows Civic Club President Kim Sauke, Willow Bend Civic Club President Mary Tysor, and the HPARD Staff and community members joined in the celebration. Residents can enjoy a game of pickle ball or tennis on the new courts.

5 Corners District Enlists New
Private Security Team

The 5 Corners Improvement District has hired a new private security team to enhance public safety along business corridors throughout the area.
The district board approved a contract with Ark of Safety Security Solutions to commence round-the-clock patrols of commercial properties starting Monday, April 24, 2023.

Be Prepared for the Hurricane Season

Be prepared for the hurricane season! Vice Mayor Pro Tem Castex-Tatum encourages residents to use The Official Southeast Texas Hurricane & Severe Weather Guide 2023 so that you and your family are ready for inclement weather.

City FY2024 Budget: Workshops and Information

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Castex-Tatum encourages District K constituents to follow and participate in the budget process for the City of Houston’s fiscal year 2024 (FY2024) budget. Attend the Budget Workshops presented by City Departments:
Click image for a larger view of the schedule
The Public Hearing for the FY2024 Budget will be:
Wednesday, May 31, 2023, 9:00 AM

View Mayor Turner’s press conference on the Fiscal Year 2024 Budget

Mayor Turner Delivers Details Of Fiscal Year 2024 Budget

Houston Public Works Hosted Virtual Capital Projects Public Engagement Meeting

Public Engagement Webinar | Projects in My Neighborhood
The Houston Public Works Capital Projects Public Engagement Team hosted a virtual meeting on the public engagement process as it relates to projects in your neighborhood! Public Engagement creates and maintains a community that is educated, aware, motivated and engaged. The Capital Projects Public Engagement Team is committed to having a robust community engagement program, providing a platform that promotes transparency and trust. Their goal is to deliver efficient, effective, and equitable engagement for Capital Projects!
Be sure to visit Engage Houston, register and then subscribe to see and receive information and updates on Capital Projects in your community and throughout the City of Houston.
If you were not able to attend the virtual meeting, you can view via the icon on the left.

Edison Arts Foundation 2023 Tutus and Tuxes Fundraising Gala Tonight


Mental Health EXPO


Dress for Success


Billy Reagan K- 8 SPARK Park Dedication


HPD Southwest Command P.I.P. Meeting


Houston Parks and Recreation Department Seeks Input on Possible Free Dead Tree and Overgrown Limbs Program

Homeowners, would you be interested in having dead trees and overgrown limbs removed from your yard at no cost and be eligible for replacement trees? Then take the Hazardous Tree Removal Survey as the Houston Parks and Recreation Department seeks your input for such a potential program. The survey is open now through May 26, 2023.
Click on the image below to complete the survey

Houston Planning and Development Accepts Public Comments on 2023 Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan (MTFP)

Vice Mayor Pro Tem Castex-Tatum encourages residents to give public comments on the amendments to the 2023 Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan (MTFP). The Houston and Planning Department has opened the Public Comment period is open now through July 7, 2023. There is one amendment to the MTFP in District K:
Visit the Planning and Development Department web page for more information and upcoming public meetings at:
Click the map image for a larger view of the map

Houston Planning and Development Seeks Public Input for a Proposed Citywide Truck Route Plan

Watch Public Session and weekly City Council Sessions here

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