In the first quarter we reported on a number of exciting on-going projects, one of which I am happy to share, is finally official. The District expansion bill was signed into law by the Governor in June. This expansion brings the remainder of the Braeburn Super Neighborhood and the entirety of the Westbury Subdivision into the District. Through this expansion we can enhance our redevelopment efforts in a much more systematic and comprehensive manner.Another initiative that you will read about is the unique new partnership with the County Attorney for enforcement of nuisance abatement cases. Through this program we will be able to monitor and hopefully close businesses that profit from illegal activities such as 8 liner game rooms and massage parlors that are fronts for prostitution. These are activities which not only harm property values, but are also detrimental to the quality of life of our residents. I encourage everyone in the community to report suspected illegal activities in and around these businesses.

In addition to the new County Attorney initiative, we launched an initiative with the Houston Apartment Association (HAA) and their RCR credit reporting service. This program will allow owners and property managers of multi-family housing communities to check criminal and credit histories of potential renters. The District will be underwriting the costs to encourage the multi-family community managers to utilize these services. We hope to reduce from consideration those applicants with questionable backgrounds who may be moving from community to community in order to avoid detection by law enforcement or other agencies as to possible illicit activities.

In business development news, we have hired an economic development professional, Ray Lawrence, who you will come to learn more about in upcoming editions of the newsletter. For now, I will report that the initial focus of Ray’s work will be to attract new investments and work on business recruitment. Ray will also work in coordination with the Director of Marketing and a soon-to-be-hired relocation specialist on yet another new initiative. We are calling the new multi- faceted marketing program – Relocation Houston and Destination Brays Oaks. The intent of this new initiative is to encourage those who are seeking to relocate from other areas of the country and perhaps even internationally, to consider Houston and specifically Brays Oaks, as the ideal place to call home. This “One Stop Relocation Information Program” will highlight our strategic location, lower taxes and cost of living, employment opportunities, the newly renovated multi-family housing communities, and the many beautiful, custom built homes, at exceptional values in deed restricted communities.

– Etan Mirwis, Chairman of the Board

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