Great things are happening in the Brays Oaks Management District this summer. The District created a public safety committee headed by our own board member, Starla Turnbo, whose background in real estate management should prove to be an asset as we work with apartment managers throughout the District. Statistics provided by the Houston Police Department show an overall downward trend in crime in our area. Specifically, there has been a dramatic drop in shoplifting incidents–by nearly a third over last year.

That means that our proactive efforts to improve public safety for both the residents and businesses are really paying off, but it doesn’t mean our work is done.

Simple improvements like additional lighting and trimming hedges can make a difference in the opportunity for criminal activity. The Management District is committed to finding creative ways to educate business owners on crime prevention.

In June, the Reserve at Creek Bend became the first Brays Oaks-area apartment complex to receive the Blue Star certification by the Houston Police Department, passing a rigid inspection by its Apartment Enforcement Unit. Attaining this designation is a first step toward a significant reduction in crime in the area, but it also can be a powerful attraction for prospective tenants.

Improving public safety is a key element in the District’s mission to provide a quality environment for both residents and business owners, and in fact, is critical to new business development.

There are also some new developments regarding new businesses opening up in the community.  It would be premature to discuss these before the ink is dry, so let’s keep the details under wraps until a future issue of this newsletter.

In the meantime, if you or your organization has good news to share, ideas worth developing, or if you just want to comment on what’s happening within the District, we’d love to hear from you.

Etan Mirwis
Brays Oaks Management District Board of Directors

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