By JD Herman

For some folks a cup of coffee is the spark plug that helps start the day but the fuel that gets Houston through lunch is the glazed donut. You can try and convince me the wake-up food of choice in Texas is the breakfast taco, but I think the classic American glazed donut is what regularly fills our tanks. 

Bakery Donuts was started around 2015 by Lang Sou and his family. Lang is the classic American success story. He immigrated to America from Cambodia and went to work at the Houston donut institution known as Shipleys. After some years learning the art of baking confectionary breakfast delights, he also learned the logistical side of running a business. Lucky for residents of the Brays Oaks Management District, Mr Sou and his family eventually decided to open up their own shop.

Bakery Donuts beacons every morning from the 6900 block of West Bellfort just east of the Fondren intersection. In addition to glazed donuts and the usual donut cousins, like chocolate iced and cream filled options, they also offer amazing Kolaches with a light fluffy dough that is both familiar and unique. Additionally, one of their best offerings are breakfast sandwiches served on a croissant — egg and sausage or bacon and egg. Regardless which you choose, the way the egg and pork combine with the buttery fluffy croissant is a treasure, pairing perfectly with their fresh brewed coffee and, of course, a glazed donut.

Mr. Sou  would not divulge the secret to his signature item but I taste a little vanilla — maybe— and the dough is just a bit more substantial than the average competitors. Combined together, the sugary glaze and the bouncy dough make for one of the best glazed in the city. Go early and get one hot and fresh cooked. You will not be disappointed as it melts, literally, in your mouth.

Mr. Sou said his favorite thing about the Brays Oaks Management District are the people. “The folks in these neighborhoods are very nice.” He mentioned getting up at 3am every day can be hard and it sometimes makes for early evenings for the Sou family. But, the hard work is worth it and their efforts show with every fresh tray of donuts and kolcahes they make for our diverse community. Give them a try next time you are in Southwest Houston.

During the pandemic a face covering is required to enter Bakery Donuts and they are in full compliance with best practices to keep their employees and customers as safe as possible. All employees had face coverings on when we visited and along with frequent hand washing. Great to see these efforts and it is always a treat to enjoy the delicious offerings of Mr Sou and his team at Bakery Donuts.

Bakery Donuts in Southwest Houston is open daily from 5:00am to 1:00pm.

Bakery Donuts
6595 West Bellfort
Houston, TX 77035