U.S. Rep. Al Green today (Dec. 19) officially honored employees of the Fiesta supermarket at 11240 Fondren Rd. in the Brays Oaks Management District as “unsung COVID-19 front-line heroes.”

The congressman presented Certificates of Congressional Recognition to several employees as well as longtime manager George Nwanguma, a management district board member.

“The city of Houston suffered nearly 9,000 deaths due to COVID-19, and Texas reported 14 percent of the population had symptoms due to long-term COVID. Amidst the crisis, (the Fiesta workers) not only facilitated the availability of essential items for families in need but also courageously put their health on the line to serve others,” Green declared. “In acknowledging the steadfast dedication of Fiesta Store #24 employees… we commend their resilience as courageous paragons of civic duty. This is a testament to their selflessness and the spirit that defines our great city of Houston.”

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