There’s a new craft experience for residents who are so inclined in the Brays Oaks Management District and it was the brainchild of owners Ahnet and Eda Yarim. Currently located at the Turkish Community Center, 9301 W Bellfort, it was Eda’s idea to use mosaic glass tiles to create art projects. The outcome of this craft class is a custom-made lamp, complete with stand and light bulb.

“We had been looking for a business to start for the last two and a half years,” Ahnet said. “Eda used her teaching background and thought she could teach mosaic art for a business.”

The couple already had a few Etsy craft businesses for the past six years where they make custom arts and crafts pieces for sale. They researched mosaic arts and saw there were no businesses offering this type of crafting experience.

“We wanted customers to create a hand-made mosaic piece of art on glass, and then have a unique piece to bring home with them,” Eda said.

They began to look for all sorts of tiles and mosaics from Turkey, their home country, and then looked for parts.

Soon, a pop-up salon was born in the Turkish Community Center, while they search for a permanent store front for their business.

“We have more than 20 colors and types in three shapes of tiles, square, triangle, and diamond,” Eda said. “The customers create a pattern or design on paper and then transfer to a glass globe.”

Customers pick their own tiles, patterns, and even beads to finish the piece. It is dry enough to take home and that is the appeal that many get a unique project in a variety of lamp styles to add to their décor. The lamp comes in parts and when the mosaic art is dry, it can be constructed at home with the globe that was hand-made by the customer.

It’s a great birthday party idea as well and the couple has held many birthday party workshops.

This writer experienced this craft art first hand.

The class is very well organized, with all materials laid out and waiting, and the lamp part already packed in a to-go bag with instructions.
It is a 90-minute experience and they serve delicious Turkish tea, Turkish delight candies, and Baklava during the class.

The art itself is a time-consuming, meticulous project, where the pattern on paper is replicated on a glass globe with special glue. It takes every minute of the allowed amount of time allowed to complete the glass mosaic and beaded lamp globe. It is then packed securely in a box and sent home with the lamp parts and instructions.

Word of mouth and advertising on Facebook has brought a lot of new customers their way. As they scout out store locations, they are scheduling several classes a month.

They offer discounts, and group incentives. Visit their website at

– By Arlene Nisson Lassin